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Mohd Hafidz Ariffin & Zaiton bt Kamaruddin
menjemput kawan-kawan MRSM Taiping ke majlis menyambut menantu
Sabtu, 28 April 2007 / 10 Rabiul Akhir 1428 Hijrah
Kompleks Sukan Bandar Tun Razak
Cheras, Kuala Lumpur
Aturcara Majlis: 12:00 tengah hari - 3:00 petang - Jamuan Makan
Kalau ada apa2 pertanyaan bleh telepong Hafidz, (013 - 340 6045)

Internet Investment Scam: Report from SC

SOURCE: Securities Commission website Below is the list of known companies and websites which are not authorized nor approved under the securities laws to deal in securities. The public are advised not to make any investment with companies that are not licensed or approved by the SC. If you require any clarification or wish to lodge a complaint, please contact us at 603-62048999 or e-mail us at Members of the public who come across any suspicious websites, as well as e-mails or any information on the Internet relating to investment advice and services, may alert the SC at the contact number or e-mail above. A * Al-Arabic Fund ( * ABB Fund ( * Artemis Wealth Management * Asia Wallet/ASWtrader/Splitindex Inc ( * AM Global Management ( B * BHG e-investment ( * Bidvask Investment Ltd ( * Buy-e-barrel ( * Brentwood Trust Company ( * Belton Market ( C * Cambridge Capital Trading (, * (Press Release) * Capital Enhancement Club/ CEC * CB.IRAQ * Capital Glory Holdings Ltd D * Data Saham ( * Dragon Gold Sdn Bhd / Dr Iain Gray * Duit Wayang * Dana Futures ( * Dana Modal ( * Debenture Petal Trust E * E-suisse Fund ( * Euro America Index ( * E-Barrel ( G * GC Group Asset Management * Good Credit Asset Management * Gold Quest/ Quest International ( * Goldmill Wagner Ltd / GA Worldwide ( * Global Investment Network System ( H * Hibah Funds I * IPC Shopping Services Sdn Bhd ( J * Jai Network System Sdn Bhd L * Lexworth Prestige M * Mercury Acquisition Associates ( * Montego Finance & Securities Berhad ( * My Dinar ( * Matrix cash * Mind-X Solutions Sdn Bhd ( * My Share ( O * Oregon Invest ( * Ocean Balance Ltd P * Pure Investor / PIPS (, * Prowealth Solutions ( Q * Quest International ( * Quest ( R Remisier ( S * Sunshine Empire ( * Swiss Mutual Fund (, *(Press Release) * Sweden Fund ( * Solid Group ( * Solid Investment ( * Smartcash ( * Sime Securities ( * Starr-Bradley Associates Inc ( T * Tian Ping ( U * UeBond ( * United Capital Management Inc ( * Universe Asset Management Inc / Tony So W Whitman Pearce & Partners ( Alpha Numeric * * 3A Consulting Group Sdn Bhd

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2nd POLL

Aku dah buat 2nd poll & post kat frame kiri....

buatlah pilihan yang bijak...

This poll aku buat ada answer untuk OTHERS... behave OK..

RESULT: 1st poll

brapa ramai kengkawan tepen yg korang still in contact
antara 1 - 5 orang 24% (5 votes)
antara 5 - 10 org 33% (7 votes)
antara 10 - 20 orang 24% (5 votes)
lebih 20 orang 14% (3 votes)
takde 5% (1 votes)
Total voters for this poll: 21

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XMRSM forum website

kalau sesapa yang tak subscribe mailing list maresmart9495, ada satu forum untuk satu mrsm. forum ni untuk semua budak2 mrsm, maybe bleh buat jejak kasih ke, networking ke, asking for advice ke, even lighter topics mcm futsal etc pun ada. aku ada perasan ada 2-3 budak batch kita dah join. disclaimer: forum ni takde kaitan dengan mailing list maresmart9495 atau blog kalau korang nak join forum ni korang kena register di forum. kata nama (username) dan kata kunci (password) utk mailing list maresmart9495 tak boleh pakai utk forum harap maklum

Kiwanis Charity 5km Fun Run

Anyone interested in chipping in for charity and at the same time enjoy a good morning exercise/walk/run, you can join the Kiwanis Charity 5km Fun Run. Menu: ikut sesedap rasa.. nak lari buleh, jalan buleh, tolak stroller pun buleh. Syarat: kena pakai baju yg buleh dibeli di Kiwanis offices seperti alamat di bawah tu.. Majulah sukan untuk negara.
The 5km fun run is a Kiwanis Charity Fun Run held in conjunction with our New Balance Pacesetters 15km. It starts at 7.30am at Padang Merbuk. There is no registration. A donation of RM30 will entitle you to a special tshirt that you must wear, as this represents your receipt and running number (so to speak), and when you finish you will get vouchers for drinks and breakfast. You may purchase from 1. my office, 37, Block C, Lorong Jugra, off 3.5 Mile Old Klang Road (tel 03 7981 5895) 2. on Sundays at Bukit Aman Car Park (Lake Gardens)(8.30am to 9.30am) 3. Kiwanis office near Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya (tel 03 7803 0179) If you have any queries on the fun run you can contact Clara 017 680 4088 or Sunny 019 213 6685 from the Kiwanis Down Syndrome Foundation. Please feel free to contact me if you need anything else. Regards Munning 019 2747 433

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---cool website #2----

budak melayu-irish umur 7 thn lulus kimia o'level (spm equivalent) bapak dia ada buat blog.. maybe antara kita yg dok cari mcm mana nak ajar anak2. semoga bermanfaat..


Living the Quran

Al-Tawba (Repentance) Chapter 9: Verse 111

The Supreme Transaction: "Verily God bought from the believers their selves and their possessions in exchange for Paradise."

People ask: “Everything will leave our hands, perish, and be lost. Maybe there is a way to make it eternal, to preserve it.?” While engaged in such thoughts, they suddenly hear the Quran’s heavenly voice say: “There is a beautiful and easy way that offers five advantages or profits.” What is this way? To sell the trust - your body, spirit, and heart, and so on, as well as your outer and inner senses (e.g., sight, taste, intelligence, imagination.) – to its real owner. The resulting five profits are:

First Profit: Transient property becomes everlasting. This waning life, when given to the Eternal and Self-Subsistent Being of Majesty and spent for His sake, is transmuted into permanence and gives everlasting fruits.

Second Profit: The price paid is Paradise.

Third Profit: The value of each bodily limb and sense is increased a thousand fold. For example, if you sell your eyes to its All-Seeing Maker and use it on His behalf and within His limits, it rises to the rank of a reader of the Great Book of the Universe, a witness of the miracles of His creation, a blessed bee sucking on the blossoms of Mercy in the garden of this world.

Fourth Profit: If you do not rely on the All-Powerful One of Majesty, trust in and submit to Him with full confidence, your conscience remains troubled by vain torment, pain and regret, all of which destroy your understanding.

Fifth Profit: Those who unveil the true nature of things and experience the truth agree that the reward for worshipping and glorifying God performed by your limbs, senses, and faculties will be given at the time of greatest need, in the form of Paradise’s fruits.

If you refuse, you suffer the following five-fold loss:

First Loss: Your beloved property and off-spring, your adored self and its caprice, your foolishly loved youth and life all are replaced by pain and sin.

Second Loss: You are punished for betraying the trust, for you wrong yourself by using the most precious tools on the most worthless objects.

Third Loss: By debasing your precious faculties to a level much inferior to animals, you insult and transgress God’s Wisdom.

Fourth Loss: In your helplessness and poverty, you shoulder life’s heavy burden and continually groan under the blows of transience and separation.

Fifth Loss: You convert the Compassionate One’s fair gifts, meant to be used for laying the foundations of everlasting life and blessedness in the Hereafter, into ugliness.

Why do many people not want to sell? Is it so hard? By no means! The resulting burdens are not hard. The limits of the permissible are broad and adequate for your desire, and so you do not need to indulge in what is forbidden. The duties imposed by God are light and few. To be His servant and soldier is an honour beyond description.

Source: "Humanity, Belief, and Islam" - Said Nursi pp. 40-48

Understanding the Prophet's Life

Sunnah - An integral source of Shariah

In today’s day and age, it is not rare to find a Muslim (or one who claims to be one), who might accept the Quran as a source of divine guidance, yet have doubts about the status of the Sunnah. And it is this confusion that leads these people away from the Quranic message, itself. For, we have to realize that a text can only come alive when someone lives by that text, to its fullest with the proper understanding of it. Now since this text (the Quran) is of divine origin, who better to exemplify its message than the bearer of the message himself. The Prophet Muhammad (may Allah bless him) was not a mere postman who delivered the message and disappeared. Acting under divine guidance, he not only delivered the message but launched a movement. He changed man and society; founded a community, established a state; and spent every moment of his Prophethood in guiding, directing and leading his followers. His life example of living by God’s guidance, consisting of whatever he did or said or approved, is the Sunnah. The authority of the Sunnah is firmly rooted in the Quran and in the historically continuous consensus of the Muslim Ummah.

The explicit statements in the Quran in this respect are many.

  • Every Prophet was sent to be obeyed (al-Nisa 4:64).
  • The Prophet Muhammad is the last and perfect model (Al Ahjab 33:21, 40).
  • To obey him is to obey God (al Nisa 4:80).
  • To follow and obey the Prophet is the only way one can love his God and be loved by Him and have one's sins forgiven (Ale-'Imran 3: 31-32).
  • All matters which cause differences or disputes are to be referred to God and His Prophet as the final authority (al-Nisa' 4: 59).
  • No one can be truly a believer unless he accepts the Prophet as the final judge in all affairs and submits to his decisions, willingly and free from all misgivings (al-Nisa' 4: 65).
  • The Prophet has the authority to permit and prohibit (al-A'raf 7: 157).
  • And, finally, whatever the Prophet gives must be taken; whatever he forbids, must be avoided (al-Hashr 59: 7).

Source: "Shariah - The Way to God" - Khurram Murad, Pg 10


Assessing Spiritual State

Should a person wish to know whether they are rising or falling in their deen (religion), they should look at how his or her state and conduct had been a month or a year ago. If he finds that they are better than his present state and conduct, he should know that he is descending into degradation; whereas if she finds that that her present state and conduct are better, she should know that she is rising and improving.

It has been handed down that "he who finds that his day resembles the previous day has been cheated, and he who finds that his day is worse than the previous day is accursed". Accursed here means remote from a particular and specially accorded mercy. He who is not increasing is diminishing. To explain, if when thinking about previous days, you feel that you then had no desire for the world, were eager for the hereafter, scrupulously avoided doubtful things, were quick to good actions, quick to obedience, remote from transgressions, and by comparison are now no better or are to any extent worse, then know that you are going down, deteriorating in the deen, in your aspiration for God, and in striving for the hereafter. You should then feel apprehensive and fearful and then begin to show resolution and exert effort.

If, on the other hand, you find that you have more aspiration and eagerness than before, then thank God the Exalted even more, remember His gifts and grace, and be ever attentive to them. You should not feel pleased with yourself, nor think that it is due to your own ability and power, for as God has said, "Had it not been for the favour of God upon you, and His mercy, not one of you would ever have grown pure; but God purifies whom He wills, and God is all-Hearing, all-Knowing". [Quran 24:21]

Compiled From: "Knowledge and Wisdom" - Abdallah ibn Alawi al-Haddad (translated by Mostafa al-Badawi)



kenduri hafidz belah laki jatuh pada 28 April 2007, hari sabtu kat bandar tun razak. kalau sesapa yang ada kelapangan, mai la jumpa kengkawan.. tq note: hafidz dah selamat diijabkabul pada 28 march 07 kat perak.

Calling ALUMNI University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Please spread the word if you know any University of Newcastle upon Tyne's grads. I can be contacted by (email) ihsan.hasbullah at or (phone) 019-6951688. Thanks, //ihsan Email from Sharmishta Chatterjee-Banerjee, ALUMNI representative. Hi! The University's Development and Alumni Relations office met with some of you when they hosted a reception for alumni in Kuala Lumpur in January. Following on from the success of that event, The Business School ( encompassing the 3 departments of Finance and Accounting, Economics and Management) will be visiting Malaysia in May for a chance to meet with you. Professor David Charles, David Goldman Professor of Innovations and Knowledge Management and myself on behalf of Newcastle University Business School will be hosting a dinner on Monday 14th May2007 in Kuala Lumpur at about 7:30/ 8pm ( venue to be advised soon), where you will have an opportunity to catch up with old friends,re-unite with your University and develop potential business networks. The Business School (encompassing management, economics, accounting and finance) is at the heart of the University's strategic goal of bringing together the expertise of the business disciplines together with the specialist capabilities of its three faculties: Science, Agriculture and Engineering; Medical Sciences; Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences to bring about commercial, technological and social change - and our alumni being a core part of the school are key to shaping its future. We have been hosting events in UK and internationally in the past few months, and in every one that we have hosted, we have received great responses from alumni with the events turning out to be huge successes. We have set alumni branches in China and India and with this visit we are now looking to set up branches in Malaysia and Singapore. Being a Business School we understand the needs of our alumni in terms of developing business contacts. We are keen to offer you these opportunities in both your country and from the international perspective. To find out more about our past alumni events please visit our website With this email I would like to invite you to come and meet us on the 14th May - in the first instance, I would be grateful if you could please advise me if you are able to attend by Thursday 19th April. This is your event, so please let me have your suggestions on how you would like us to plan it. This is your chance to make your past a part of your present and future - come and help us celebrate your success!I look forward to hearing from you. Kind Regards,Sharmishta

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class act from the blues

3 points gap with manchester united restored...

STATS on visitor for our blog YEAR 2007 {so far}

Statistics Summary from 01 January 2007 to 19 April 2007 (This Year) Statistics Total pageviews: 5,086 Total visits: 3,467 Yearly Unique Visitors: 1,081 Monthly Unique Visitors: 1,254 First time visitors: 1,010 Average pageviews per month: 1,271 Pageviews per visit: 1.47 Pageviews today: 26 Visits today: 16 Prognosis today: 69 Busiest day: 06/12/2006 happy browsing!

STATS on visitor for our blog YEAR 2006

SOURCE: onestat Statistics Summary from 18 October 2006 to 31 December 2006 (Last Year) Statistics Total pageviews: 5,244 Total visits: 2,923 Yearly Unique Visitors: 1,017 Monthly Unique Visitors: 1,100 First time visitors: 1,017 Average pageviews per month: 1,748 Pageviews per visit: 1.79 Pageviews today: 25 Visits today: 15 Prognosis today: 68 Busiest day: 06/12/2006 Thanks all...

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1st POLL

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FINDING YIN - ending line -

SOURCE: UTUSAN MALAYSIA ONLINE Oleh: SYED MOHD. RIDZUWAN SYED ISMAIL dan ZULKIFLI MANZOR KUALA LUMPUR 14 April – Penderitaan hebat kerana kebimbangan dan menanggung rindu kepada Muhammad Nazrin Shamsul Ghazali, 5, atau Yin yang hilang sejak 31 Mac lalu, berakhir buat ibu bapanya apabila kanak-kanak itu ditemui semula dalam keadaan selamat, petang ini. Pertemuan penuh bermakna itu menjadi kenyataan selepas seorang wanita Myanmar, Noor Shida Nur Islam, 27, yang menjaga Yin sepanjang tempoh kehilangannya, memulangkan semula budak itu sejurus ternampak poster pencariannya pagi ini. Detik-detik pertemuan bersejarah Shamsul Ghazali Shamsuddin, 34, dan isterinya, Nor Amizah Ahmad, 25, dengan Yin berlangsung dalam suasana penuh kegembiraan bercampur hiba di rumah seorang rakan mereka di Setiawangsa, di sini, kira-kira pukul 6 petang. Ketika itu, kedua-dua mereka tidak dapat menahan kerinduan masing-masing lalu terus memeluk dan mencium anak sulung mereka itu yang wajahnya sedikit berubah kerana kepalanya dibotakkan. “Kali pertama kami nampak semula Yin, kami terus pegang, kami peluk dia kuat-kuat, cium dia sambil air mata mengalir kerana gembira dan kesyukuran... susah nak gambarkan kegembiraan kami dengan kata-kata. “Bayangkanlah, kami memang tak sangka akan jumpa semula Yin. Tetapi berkat doa dan sembahyang hajat kami dan umat Islam lain di seluruh negara, akhirnya Alhamdulillah, Allah makbulkan doa kita semua. “Terima kasih rakyat Malaysia. Semua ini berlaku selepas doa dan pertolongan anda, kami sangat bersyukur.’’ Itulah kata-kata penuh emosi yang diluahkan oleh Shamsul dan Nor Amizah kepada pemberita ketika ditanya mengenai detik-detik pertemuan semula mereka dengan Yin di Ibu Pejabat Polis Daerah (IPD) Dang Wangi, di sini, malam tadi. Episod pertemuan semula Yin dengan keluarganya bermula dengan panggilan telefon suami Noor Shida, Mohd. Abdul Rahman Ali Rahman, 37, kepada seorang rakan Shamsul, Mohd. Baharuddin Hassan, yang tinggal di Setiawangsa tengah hari ini memaklumkan mengenai Yin ada dalam jagaan isterinya. Apabila Mohd. Baharuddin menemui Mohd. Abdul Rahman di rumahnya di Sentul Pasar, kira-kira pukul 2.20 petang, dia kemudian menghubungi Shamsul yang ketika itu sedang berada di Ipoh untuk memaklumkan penemuan Yin di situ. Selepas mengesahkan budak itu adalah anaknya berdasarkan nyanyian lagu Twinkle Twinkle Little Star oleh Yin menerusi telefon, kanak-kanak itu kemudian dibawa ke rumah Mohd. Baharuddin di Setiawangsa sementara menunggu kedatangan Shamsul dan isterinya dari Ipoh. Mereka sekeluarga kemudiannya berkumpul di IPD Dang Wangi malam tadi bagi sama-sama menyertai sidang akhbar Ketua Polis Negara, Tan Sri Musa Hassan berhubung penemuan semula Yin. Hadir sama ialah Pengarah Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah Bukit Aman, Datuk Christopher Wan Soo Kee dan Pemangku Ketua Polis Kuala Lumpur Senior Asisten Komisioner II Zul Hasnan Najib Baharudin. Musa dalam sidang akhbar itu berkata, dengan penemuan semula Yin dan ketiadaan unsur-unsur jenayah, maka pihak polis akan menutup kes berkenaan. Tambahnya, Yin yang kelihatan sihat akan dihantar ke hospital untuk pemeriksaan lanjut. Mengenai ganjaran berjumlah RM15,000 yang ditawarkan oleh pelbagai pihak kepada sesiapa yang membantu sehingga menemukan semula Yin, beliau memberitahu, ia akan diuruskan oleh Ketua Polis Daerah Dang Wangi, Asisten Komisioner Zulkarnain Abd. Rahman. “Sepatutnya kalau mengikut apa yang diperkatakan sebelum ini, pasangan tersebut (Mohd. Abdul Rahman dan Noor Shida) memang layak memperoleh ganjaran itu,” ujarnya. Terdahulu, Musa memberitahu, Yin dijumpai pasangan Noor Shida dan Mohd. Abdul Rahman pada 31 Mac lalu ketika cuba menyeberangi jalan berdekatan kompleks membeli-belah Sogo kira-kira pukul 3 petang. Katanya, bimbang keselamatan kanak-kanak tersebut, Noor Shida kemudian memimpin tangan Yin dan menunggu kira-kira sejam berdekatan kompleks tersebut. “Setelah tiada sesiapa menuntut Nazrin, dia kemudiannya dibawa ke rumah mereka di Sentul Pasar dan selama ini mereka tak tahu budak itu hilang dan sedang dicari kerana di rumah mereka tiada televisyen. “Sehinggalah pagi ini, ketika menjual buku di Jalan Masjid India, Noor Shida bertemu seorang yang mengedarkan poster kehilangan Nazrin menyebabkannya terkejut melihat gambar itu yang sama dengan budak yang ada di rumahnya lalu memaklumkan perkara itu kepada suaminya,” katanya. Dalam kejadian di kompleks membeli-belah di Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman di sini kira-kira pukul 2 petang 31 Mac lalu, Yin hilang ketika bapa kanak-kanak itu sedang mencuba pakaian di bilik persalinan, manakala ibunya sedang mengawasi adik Yin, Mohd. Nazmi, 4. Ekoran itu, satu gerakan besar-besaran dilancarkan mulai 6 April lalu untuk mencari Yin termasuk melibatkan parti-parti politik dan badan-badan bukan kerajaan (NGO) dan orang perseorangan. Di samping itu, pelbagai pihak tampil menawarkan ganjaran kepada sesiapa yang menemui Yin dengan jumlah terakhirnya RM15,000 termasuk sumbangan MCA (RM2,000), Persatuan Pengguna Islam Malaysia (RM2,000) dan dua usahawan dari ibu negara dan Port Dickson masing-masing RM6,000 dan RM5,000.

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Pelaburan saham melalui Internet haram – Majlis Fatwa

Something to ponder about. I will post the official fatwa once publish in Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan website. You can visit their website at




KUALA LUMPUR 12 April – Ketika wujud gelombang besar penyertaan orang ramai dalam skim-skim pelaburan Internet yang menjanjikan pulangan berlipat ganda, aktiviti itu hari ini difatwakan sebagai haram di sisi Islam.

Keputusan Mesyuarat Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan Ke-77 di Kuala Terengganu itu sudah pasti memberi kesan kepada aktiviti pelaburan melibatkan tidak kurang 500,000 orang Islam termasuk golongan kenamaan dan profesional berpangkat Tan Sri dan Datuk.

Majlis berkenaan membuat keputusan itu terhadap semua bentuk pelaburan Internet termasuk skim cepat kaya SwissCash yang kononnya diuruskan Swiss Mutual Fund kerana skim-skim itu secara jelas mengandungi unsur riba.

Dengan nilai pelaburan mencecah RM1 bilion termasuk kira-kira RM200 juta yang dilaburkan oleh 50,000 pelabur dalam skim SwissCash, tidak kurang 50 jenis pelaburan Internet kini giat melobi orang ramai melabur dengan janji pulangan sehingga 300 peratus.

Selepas SwissCash dan beberapa lain malap, skim terbaru yang mendapat sambutan hebat ketika ini ialah I Love You Forever menerusi laman web yang menjanjikan pulangan sehingga RM21,000 bagi pelaburan pokok RM800 untuk tempoh 12 bulan dan yang dilancarkan hari ini.

Pengerusi Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan, Profesor Datuk Dr. Abdul Shukor Husin yang ditemui pemberita selepas mesyuarat itu memberitahu, sebarang pelaburan yang menjamin keuntungan secara tetap seperti ditawarkan SwissCash adalah haram.

Menurutnya, atas alasan itu, Islam tidak membenarkan umatnya melabur dalam segala bentuk pelaburan seumpama itu.

‘‘Ada banyak pelaburan alternatif disediakan kepada pelabur yang berlandaskan Islam dan boleh disertai oleh umat Islam,’’ katanya.

Berdasarkan siasatan Utusan Malaysia, pelaburan Internet pilihan rakyat Malaysia ialah skim yang mendakwa menjana wang dalam pasaran hadapan komoditi seperti minyak, gas, perladangan dan emas.

Terdapat pelaburan Internet seperti SwissCash yang mendakwa kononnya aktiviti mereka ialah pelaburan offshore yang tidak tertakluk dalam bidang kuasa perundangan termasuk Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM).

Jenis pelaburan lain yang didakwa sebagai asas aktiviti skim pelaburan Internet ialah perniagaan mata wang asing selain melabur dalam pasaran-pasaran saham luar negara.

Sebelum ini, media mendedahkan pelaburan skim cepat kaya SwissCash yang tampil dengan pelan pelaburan tanpa had dan jaminan keuntungan lebih meyakinkan yang setakat ini sudah menelan kira-kira RM190 juta wang daripada lebih 50,000 pelabur Malaysia.

Kutipan wang deposit awam secara haram itu beroperasi dengan modus operandi berasaskan transaksi Telegraphic Transfer (TT) di bank-bank tempatan dan urusan pelaburan menerusi Internet.

Ekoran itu, BNM membuat kenyataan bahawa skim SwissCash adalah menyalahi undang-undang negara kerana mengambil deposit secara haram.


Selain SwissCash, terdapat lebih 50 skim cepat kaya menggunakan kemudahan teknologi maklumat dan komunikasi (ICT) didalangi beberapa sindiket yang menawarkan pelbagai bentuk pelan pelaburan menerusi alam maya Internet.

Antara skim berkenaan ialah;;;;;;;;;;

Dengan membuka laman web, pelayar boleh mendapatkan senarai keseluruhan skim-skim pelaburan Internet atau istilah globalnya dikenali sebagai High Yield Investment Programme (HYIP).

Modal pelaburan dikira berasaskan nilai mata wang Amerika Syarikat (ASD) berdasarkan 3.80 bagi setiap Ringgit Malaysia.

Dengan pelaburan serendah AS$20 (RM76), skim-skim itu menjanjikan pulangan lumayan minimum dua peratus sehari atau 60 peratus sebulan yang dibayar kepada para pelabur selama 100 hari.

Pulangan itu jauh lebih besar dan terlalu tinggi jika dibandingkan dengan kadar pulangan yang ditawarkan institusi perbankan iaitu tiga peratus sebulan bagi deposit tetap atau lapan peratus bagi pasaran modal.

Dengan pelan pelaburan yang menarik menggunakan laman web yang berpusat di Amerika Syarikat (AS), penganjur yang sebenarnya didalangi orang tempatan berjaya mengabui mata para pelabur.


another 14 year old girl missing.. SOURCE malay mail SHE was never an irresponsible daughter — whatever she does, no matter how simple, Leong Hui Ting would always inform her mother. So when the 14-year-old student of SMK Pandan Mewah failed to return home after school on April 10, her mother, Lai Foon Leng, feared the worst. Speaking at the MCA Public Services and Complaint Department, the 46-year-old tailor said her niece, who attends the same school as Leong, informed her of her daughter’s disappearance at 7pm on that day. Lai said her niece realised that Leong, who usually takes the same van to and from school, was missing after she arrived home. “My son and I drove to the school to look for her,Lai said. “We were there by 7.10pm but there was no sign of her. The next day, I found out from her teachers that my daughter did not attend school that day.“Some of her classmates told me that they overheard a male classmate telling my daughter that ‘he will bring her back’ later,Lai said. “I called the boy and he admitted that they had gone out but he dropped her off at the school gate at 7pm. He claimed that he does not know what happened after that.“She left behind her MyKad and probably has no money with her,said Lai. “She doesn’t have a cell phone so I have no idea where she is. She is the apple of my eye. Please, help me find her.Those who have seen Leong or know her whereabouts can call the department at 03-21615678.

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kalau kurang kredit nak hantar sms, bleh pakai site ni free registration. Tolong pakai mende ni dgn rasa tanggungjawab.. jgn dok bom phone org tak tentu pasal. Kalau korang nak hantar sms penting/urgent, tolong jangan pakai site ni sebab maybe tak sampai (tau2 la dah site pree). utk sesapa nak hantar sms ke celcom user bleh pakai buat 2 cara 1. email to: [notelepong] subject: [jgn tulis apa2] - tinggal kosong/leave blank - tulis msg jgn pjg karang tak sampai 2. yahoo mesengger (tak tahu la now bleh ke, aku biasa buat ok je) tekan butang sms, kat no tepon tu letak international code sama, cth 019-1234567, letak +60191234567 & tulis msg. yg ni kejam kat sapa2 yg terima sms sebab rasanya celcom charge 15 or 20 sen per sms received. maxis & digi dulu bleh pakai email gak hantar sms, tapi diorang dah stop. tahi hidung masin sungguh!

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Guarantors a must for study loans

2007/04/09 Source: NST

ALOR GAJAH: The National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) has taken measures to ensure students repay their loans.

Higher Education Minister Datuk Mustapa Mohamed said the steps included tightening loan procedures and sending summonses to those who failed to pay up. "From this month, we require the loans to be backed by guarantors. "There was no need for guarantors in the past but from now onwards, parents can be the guarantors," he said to reporters after launching the Higher Education Ministry Day with the Rakyat at Kampung Bukit Bulat, Machap here, yesterday. Mustapa was commenting on a New Sunday Times report yesterday that students who had taken loans from the PTPTN, the Public Service Department and Mara owed RM12 billion. Bernama quoted him as saying that from January next year, those who applied for loans must have savings in the national education savings scheme. The minimum savings amount should be RM500 for those with an income of RM2,000 a month. "We find that parents do not prepare for their children’s education. If they have some savings, they will not need to obtain full loans," he said. He said the PTPTN had an annual fund of RM2 billion a year while the number of borrowers was about 150,000 a year. Meanwhile, in Kuala Lumpur, his deputy Datuk Ong Tee Keat said the ministry preferred not to "chase the students with a stick". He said: "We want them to be more proactive in repaying their dues." The money they had borrowed, he said, belonged to the public and they would be depriving other students of a loan by not making prompt repayments. Ong said this after opening the Kampung Pandan community centre.

One-third triathlete

My mak is a one-third triathlete, y'all.. don't play play! :P
I went, I cycled, I got a medal! It's a bit too soon to call myself a triathlete coz I'm still struggling with the swimming bit. All I can say is thank you to Nurina n Mary for the chance to join them n knight myself as a "one-third triathlete" on sunday :) (More stories, click here.)


Thursday, April 05, 2007

[red carpet] for hafidz shoaib kids on the way..

iPod by apple

ada offer utk sesapa nak beli iPod Apple Ipod:- shuffle - RM 295 Nano 2GB - RM 540 Nano 4GB - RM 680 Nano 8GB - RM 880 Video 30GB - RM 925 Video 80GB - RM 1295 warranty mcm biasa, cuma kena hantar kat eSys, KL or Singapore. first come first serve. kalau nak tulis kat comment, which model & brapa unit mau... [note: i'm just a messenger]

birthday bash... apr

..kem @ kamariah 505 .....farahida 509 one year wiser, one year older Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday How old are you today? Happy Birthday Happy Birthday All the girls can stay Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Turn and shake away Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Let’s jump around and play Happy Birthday Happy Birthday You need a holiday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Wish you well each and everyday Copyright 2005 Sylvia Chidi


memandangkan sekarang ni handphone / mobile phone / cell dah mcm kira essential in many ways, dari budak2 kecik ke orang tua, aku terjumpa handphone tercanggih masa kini..
iPhone by apple. [klik kat sini]

sony ericsson w880i [klik kat sini]

dopod u1000 [klik kat sini]

blackberry 8800 [klik kat sini]

personally aku suka iPhone tapi size sony ericsson kecik tapi power. dopod & blackberry for business person. kalau korang dpt dopod or blackberry from company, diorang dah breach your privacy in term of work.... work at anytime, anyplace....

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


kalau sesapa nak p, tolong key in no tepon aku.. ihsan 019 - 695 1 688 Nanti kalau tak jumpa kat taman tu bleh contact.... jumpa di sana!!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Ramai lulusan perubatan tidak jadi doktor

Source: Utusan Malaysia 3 April 2007 PUTRAJAYA 2 April – Sebanyak 150 pelajar atau 10 peratus daripada 1,500 siswazah perubatan yang menamatkan pengajian mereka mengambil keputusan untuk tidak meneruskan kerjaya sebagai seorang doktor perubatan bertauliah pada setiap tahun. Timbalan Menteri Kesihatan, Datuk Dr. Abd. Latiff Ahmad berkata, keputusan tersebut dibuat kerana mereka tidak menyangka kerjaya sebagai seorang doktor bertauliah memerlukan komitmen yang mendalam, selain tekanan kerja yang teruk. Beliau berkata, ia juga mungkin disebabkan faktor usia di kalangan pelajar berkenaan yang terlalu muda ketika mereka berjaya menamatkan pengajian perubatan masing-masing. ‘‘Keputusan tersebut dibuat selepas pelajar berkenaan melalui latihan praktikal di mana-mana hospital atau klinik kesihatan milik kerajaan seluruh negara. ‘‘Ini kerana semasa latihan berkenaan, para pelajar didedahkan dengan suasana dan budaya kerja seorang doktor walaupun belum ditauliahkan oleh kerajaan,” katanya. Beliau berkata demikian pada sidang akhbar selepas menyaksikan majlis menandatangani Memorandum Perjanjian Penggunaan Kemudahan Kesihatan di Hospital/Klinik di bawah Kementerian Kesihatan antara kementerian itu dengan Universiti Malaya (UM), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) dan Allianze College of Medical Science (ACMC) di sini, hari ini. Turut hadir Timbalan Naib Canselor UM, Prof. Dr. Amin Jalaluddin; Dekan Fakulti Perubatan UKM, Prof. Datuk Dr. Lokman Saim dan Pengerusi ACMC, Datuk Dr. Zainuddin Wazir. Dr. Abd Latiff memberitahu, walaupun peratusannya itu tidak begitu serius tetapi tindakan pelajar berkenaan dilihat telah mempersia-siakan sokongan dan bantuan yang kerajaan berikan sepanjang tempoh pengajian mereka. ‘‘Tetapi jika keputusan itu dibuat sebelum atau semasa pengajian, kita mungkin boleh menggantikan tempat mereka dengan pelajar lain yang berminat,” katanya. Sehubungan itu, beliau berkata, kementerian menyambut baik langkah Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA) mendedahkan bakal pelajar perubatannya terhadap suasana kerja seorang doktor selama tiga hari yang bermula tahun lalu. Ini kerana, tambahnya, bakal pelajar perubatan perlu memahami budaya dan suasana kerja seorang doktor sebelum meneruskan pengajiannya itu. ‘‘Kita mahu pelajar perubatan yang benar-benar mahu menjadi seorang doktor dan bukannya mereka yang sekadar dipengaruhi oleh desakan pihak lain,” katanya.
website ni bukan official website mrsm taiping... mau carik official punya, segala isi kandungan dalam blog ni tak mewakili mrsm taiping dan MARA. Untuk cari Ansara Cawangan Taiping, bleh p ke Kat, webmaster dia Abg Damit.... website ni utk geng2 mrsm taiping batch 9495 lay-park, borak2, merapu, meroyan, melalak.

jemput tengok dan tengok lagi.. kalau tak puas jugak bleh la tinggal message ka, letak comment ka... mau Lagi??? email la sama wa kat taiping9495 at gmail dot com.

terima kasih kat sapa2 yg tolong website ni secara jualan langsung atau black market....

article yg ada dlm ni adalah hakcipta blog ni kecuali ada dinyatakan dicilok dari sumber2 tertentu... segala komen yg dibuat dalam blog ni takde langsung mewakili blog nih.. komen2 tu adalah hak dan rekacipta org yg tulis komen tu... ada paham? webmaster ada hak utk meng'edit', meng'keluar'kan mana2 post yg dirasakan tidak sesuai