Thursday, December 31, 2009


Dear friends, This is an email which i got earlier from Keith Cunningham's emailing list earlier. What i want to share is the message in it, which i find is worth a deep thought on. Hopefully you will also find something meaningful to take as a lesson to move ahead.

regards, Adzimi


We are funny how we think about some things. New Year's has taken on a special significance for most of us, as if a calendar or certain date has more meaning or somehow is better suited for some things than any other date.

Our tradition seems to be that late December is a time of reflection, nostalgia and resolutions. And so we postpone commitments about diets, money issues, relationship goals and career changes until January 1. Why do we habitually wait until the beginning of a new year to do our thinking, planning and resolving?It seems to me that having what we want in life is not based on one giant decision or resolution that is made one time each year. Looking at our collective experiences, we know this strategy does not work... if it did, none of us would have ever made the same resolution more than once and we would all have a 100% track record on the achievement of our New Year's resolutions.

What we want in our life, whether it is health, financial, relationship or spirit related is a result of a never ending stream of consistent decisions. The first decision is the easy one. It is the subsequent, reinforcing, congruent, small decisions made in the heat of battle that are the ones we struggle with and which ultimately sabotage our dreams.

Anyone can make the decision one time. Sadly, our goals are never achieved with one giant inter-galactically huge decision, but rather with the daily decisions that continuously reinforce the initial decision.

How often do you need to remake your decisions? As often as required to have what you want.

Achieving your goals is NOT a problem of goal setting. We are goal setting experts. It is an issue of continuous, consistent decision making.

Bottom line, you get what you tolerate and most people tolerate mediocrity and average. They settle by refusing to remake the decision day after day. The quality of your life is directly proportional to what you have made non-negotiable and the decision of non-negotiable is made daily.

At whatever point in your life you get clarity on what you want, whether that be New Year's Eve or August 7, make the decision to keep making the decision for as long as it takes to achieve the goal.... And then make the decision again.

Achieving your goals and dreams is only the first step. Sustaining that success is the real end game.

Sandi and I will be sitting down in a couple of days to make the first decisions for our 2010. Part of this process is the gratitude list we make and keep with us. Our experience is that gratitude for what we do have is the base on which to build our goals, dreams and future successes.

We are grateful for you and the opportunity we have had to study with you. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

We look forward to the opportunity to deepen our relationship in 2010.


Keith + Sandi

Sunday, December 27, 2009


10th years anniversary the loss of
Ahmad Yazid Ahmad Yakin.

9th year anniversary the loss of
Mohd Shukri Yatim.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sudahkah anda mula memotong kad plastik anda?

Courtesy of Fortune Sense (

The credit and charge cards RM50 service tax issue seems is clearer now with the report news that quoted the clarification from the Second Finance Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah regarding the credit card and charge card Rm50 service tax. The clarification is as below,

1) New credit and charge cards will have to pay the RM50 service tax upfront from year 2010. That means starting from next year, whenever you apply a new credit or charge cards, you will need to pay the RM50 service tax.

2) Existing card holders, the charge will be imposed on the "anniversary date of cards". RM50 service tax only be imposed upon the anniversary dates of the cards, which are usually issued for a three-year period.

You can find the valid date information from the credit card or charge card. Usually the credit and charge cards issuers will send a new credit card or charge card to the card holder before the stated valid date.

Do have a look on your credit card and check what the valid date of your card is. However need to have a better understanding of the "anniversary date of cards".

1) For the case whereby the anniversary date of cards including the year. If your valid date is beyond 2010 means you still can use the card without paying the RM50 service tax next year. However if your valid date is 2010, take note of the stated anniversary month of the card. Try to cancel the card before the anniversary month if you do not wish to pay the RM 50 service tax and you are not using the card.

2) For the case whereby the anniversary date of cards means only he month. Try to cancel the card before the anniversary month if you do not wish to pay the RM 50 service tax and you are not using the card.

Do double confirm with your card issuer regarding this and check whether there is any way for the credit card or charge card issuers to absorb the service tax for you. Some do but with certain conditions on it.

Will you cancel all your credit cards or charge cards due to the RM 50 service tax or maintain only one credit or charge card?

Ladies and gentlemen, and the award goes to...

Ladies and gentlemen, and the award goes to... — Art Harun (Courtesy of The Malaysian Insider and

DEC 22 — The theft of an F5-E fighter jet engine from the Royal Malaysian Air Farce, eh sorry, Air Force, perhaps aptly defines the year 2009 as far as Malaysia (1 or otherwise) is concerned.

The absurdity of it all. And not to mention the audacity of it all. And as if to further add sodium chloride to the wide gaping wounds that all of us, Malaysians, suffer every time our so-called leaders forget to take their medications, we are told that so and so have been sacked or told to leave their job, some even earning pensions and whatever.

First, it was some plastic explosives being taken out from the storage to blow to smithereens some poor woman from a far away land, whose entry into Malaysia was erased from record. Just like that. As if C4 explosives from the people who are supposed to protect our country are just some cheap chewing gum which could be taken by anybody, at any time, for whatever reason. As if immigration records are notations made on some scrapbook which could be altered, amended or erased by anybody, at any time and for whatever reason.

And nobody even shook their butt to do anything. No report. No investigation. No blinking, nothing. Just like that.

At the same time, the public has to endure living in fear of crimes. We have to keep even our rubbish bins in locks and chains. Our drainage cover has to be welded lest it will be stolen in bright daylight. Our roads and lanes have instant holes as the sewage covers are stolen. Women can't even walk on the side of our roads for fear of being dragged to their death by handbag snatchers.

Nowhere is safe. Not even in the police lock-up, as Kugan found out the hard way. Not at the MACC office either, if reports of death and torture are to be believed.

Meanwhile, those in whom who are entrusted the duty to protect us are busy tracing individuals like Raja Petra Kamarudin, who apparently had so insulted Islam that he was, and still is, deemed to be a threat to national security. Even then, with all the might and powers of the state behind them, they are not able to trace him!

If RPK had insulted Islam, what about those who had walked after Friday prayers with a bloodied and severed cow head while policemen stood by the side doing nothing for fear of "making the situation worse"? Haven't they insulted Islam? What about those who said non-Malays are second-class citizens? And those who wrote that the Kelings are so lucky to be in Malaysia that they should just shut up and count their blessings? Oh well, they are given a pat on their shoulder because the newspaper they wrote for is the "voice of the people".

And at the same time, billions are squandered, pillaged and stolen. PKFZ has become really dirty letters. And what do we all get? Yes. We get engineers, architects and some minions charged for falsifying claims and the like. Now, the questions are, were all those false claims paid? If so, why? And who are the beneficiaries of those payments? Who authorised those payments? Aren't they guilty of something too?

Elsewhere we are the masters of sloganeering and self-glorification. We shout and scream 1 Malaysia at every possible instant and opportunity. Why? Even our mandatory "salam" has been reviewed to "Salam Satu Malaysia".

We have become, or been reduced to, a society which is shallow. Which is no deeper than our skin and the colour of it. We are obsessed with some drama actress becoming the second wife of a member of Parliament who ironically declared that women "leaked" once a month. Never mind the FDIs. Never mind the proposed GST. Never mind the Copenhagen Conference failing to reach any kind of tangible consensus on climate control.

Never mind. Because we are a society who love celebrities and their weddings. And divorce too.

An old professor of mine remarked to me over tea some months ago. After leaving Malaysia for Japan for so many years, he observed that Japan had gone through a period of extreme physical and material transformations. Coming back to Malaysia briefly after some years, he also noted that Malaysia had achieved so much physical and material transformation, just like Japan.

But there is one marked difference. Japan and her people have not seen their values and honour change. Their values and old-aged honour are still part of their society. They still know their responsibilities. Their duty to account. They still possess a deep sense of honour. And all that despite their physical and material achievements.

Malaysia and her people, according to him, have lost their sense of honour. We have changed our values. We are now measured not by our honesty, honour and sense of responsibility. We are now measured by the location of our houses and mansions; by the Cayennes X6 and whatever road-going behemoth that we drive; by how much power we can wield to bend the rules and laws in our favour; by how much favour we can call our friends in high places to do us. And of course by the trophy wives and girlfriends (and vice versa) who are seen beside us with the obligatory gold and diamond-crusted watch, LV handbag and Blahnik shoes.

Because that is what we are now. How we acquire those material possessions is not important. The question is what we do possess.

We are a society which is almost bereft of any spiritual and moral guidance. As if whatever is fair is foul and foul is fair. As if the very fabric of our existent has changed. And for the worse, that is.

It is the little wonder that a whole jet engine could be stolen from our royal air force. It is a right royal embarrassment, by any count. But what do we care? It is an old engine. We could buy thousands more. We have the money. And the persons whom we think are responsible for this shameful act have left.

Never mind any criminal offence which have quite obviously been committed by these people. They have after all been punished by being told to quietly leave. That was what we did to Ahmad Ismail, remember? And Isa Samad, remember? We dealt with them internally. They have served their sentence. And they, as everybody else, deserve a second, or even a third, chance. Why? Even Anwar Ibrahim, a convicted criminal, is now a member of Parliament.

And so we are told that we do have a full-proof system which would ensure these kind of things do not happen. But is this system fool-proof? Because if it is not, then there will always be some fools who can't even operate within a full-proof system. That is quite obvious.

And so we are told that there will not be a cover up. Yes, we, the people expect that there will be no cover up. But of course what constitutes a "cover-up" is subject to interpretation, isn't it? Like "we will not discuss it ever because the matter concerns national security". Is that a cover up? Or "we cannot charge them because matters concerning national security should not be discussed in open court". Is that a cover-up? Or "we can only charge them behind closed doors because the matter concerns national security". Is that a cover-up?

And we are left to wonder how it all happened. And why did it take a full year before the whole magical act was discovered by our ever vigilant military who is supposed to protect our nation from rogue countries, evil terrorists, Islam-insulting individuals scum of the Earth and hell, and Ketuanan Melayu evil objectors who really should just go back to wherever they came from (never mind the fact that these people were born in this country).

Would it be a severe case of paranoia if we, the people, start to wonder what else has been stolen from our military? Like our defence strategy? Or tactical blueprint? After all, these are sensitive and highly protected secrets (or supposed to be). Remember what they said in Parliament when questions were raised as to why there was not open tender for the submarines that we bought? It was said that open tenders should not be called because that will expose our national security matters unnecessarily.

Oh well, why must we worry. We still have our submarines. —

Monday, December 21, 2009



Yesterday was a big day. Very big day. I supposed I have to run 6km Malakoff Run at Bukit Kiara.

Woke up at 6am after my wife's mobile alarm made it's annoying sound and disturbing my good Sunday sleep. !@(#$^&(@*#& I am late! The first thing came to my mind, do I really want to do this? Since I already paid for it (paid through Aini, tried to asked her for 10 bucks discount out of 15 bucks, and her answer was kepala otak ko!.... so my guess I have to pay full fees >_<) as well as my promise to Adzimi and Linda I woke up lazily and do the necessary (apart from taking shower) and heads to the Bukit Kiara.

6:35am: Arrival of the first timer runner at Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club
6:50am: Tipah tertipu!!! The PA lady said its 7km. Wait, I registered for 6k not 7! 7:00am: The first timer met Aini for his running number. Still contemplating to do the running
7:10am: Meet another first timer, Adzimi at the starting line up
7:13am: Still pinching myself, do I really doing this for real? Started to run 7:28am: Completed 2km after first hill
7:45am: Around this time we encounter one hill, *#(&*(&#^ steep even walking is a pain in the leg.
8:10am: Out of sudden, saw Aini taking photos. Jog to pose hehhe >_<
8:15am: We saw mat saleh in a car with running shirt and stuck at the junction waiting for the backbencher runners to clear off the road. He must completed ages ago!!!
8:20am: Completed my first 6k run or rather 7k run with running pose, not walking.
8:25am: Nikfa said its not 7k, its 7.5k, tipah tertipu lagi!!!

Then, pics, pics, pics, eat, eat, talk, talk, talk, talk, then go home

Three cars behind where I parked my car got smashed windscreen. Its a merc. Really spoiled the day. The car got two big sticker, Save Gaza at the rear windscreen. Hope nothing valuable is lost.

Nak buat lagi? Let me think.....

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

ASB Dividend is 7.30 Sen Per Unit for Year 2009

Courtesy of Fortune Sense:

Amanah Saham Nasional Bhd (ASNB) announced that for the financial year ending Dec 31, 2009, Amanah Saham Bumiputera (ASB) unit holders will receive - Income distribution of 7.30 sen per unit and - Bonus of 1.25 sen per unit - Total is 8.55 sen per unit

Last year income distribution was- Income distribution of 7.00 sen per unit and - Bonus of 1.75 sen per unit - Total is 8.75 sen per unit

The total dividend yield for this year is 0.20 sen lower than last year and there is 6.78 million unit holders who currently hold more than 70 billion ASB units.

Even tough the yield is lower than last year but the total payment for this year is RM5.48 billion compared to total payment of RM4.79 billion last year

According to PNB group chief executive and president Tan Sri Hamad Kama Piah Che Othman ASB is capable of paying more than 11 sen per unit but decided to paying 7.30 sen per unit and bringing forward the balance of 3.70 sen for 2010. The quoted reason is to ensure that the money could be use to buy more shares and do more investment.

Financial Result of ASB- Gross income for year 2009 - RM5.46 billion up to 10 December 2009 (year 2008 - RM5.28 billion)- Dividend income - RM1.48 billion, or 27 per cent- Profit from the sale of shares - RM3.67 billion, or 67 per cent- Investments in short-term instruments and other investments - RM309 million or 6.0 per cent

From the data, it shows that more than 60% of the income was generated by share trading. The income distribution and bonus will be automatically credited into the unit holders' accounts. All transactions for ASB will be suspended from Dec 21 until January 3 to enable the calculation of income distribution and bonus. Unit holders will be able to update their accounts from January 4.

ASB is a fixed price equity income fund, opened for Bumiputera aged 12 years and above. Normally the ASW 2020 and ASM dividend is slightly lower than the ASB dividend. Since the ASB dividend is at the range of 7 percent excluding the bonus units.

Do wait and see whether next April and next September the ASM and ASW 2020 dividend is still maintain at 6 percent plus range (ASM and ASW 2020 Dividend Rate). Besides, on next October the AS 1Malaysia will declare the first maiden dividend.

The 6 to 8 percent per annual return rate from the ASNB fixed price unit trust product could be used as a return rate benchmark to beat if we want to invest on other investment tools.

The return yield from the other investment tools should higher than the 6 to 8 percent per year to justify the time and the risks we put on it instead of invest in the ASNB fixed price products. What do you think of this?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Anything weird here?

What do you think?

What car names mean

BMW: Brings Me Women.
FIAT: Failure in Italian Automotive Technology.
FORD: For Only Rough Drivers.
HYUNDAI: Hope You Understand Nothing's Drivable And Inexpensive
VOLVO: Very Odd Looking Vehicular Object.
PORSCHE: Proof Of Rich Spoiled Children Having Everything.KIA: Kills In Accidents
OPEL: Old People Enjoying Life
TOYOTA: The One You Only Trust, Always
GOLF/GTI: Girls Only Love Fun / Get Them Inside
HONDA: Hanged Over, Now Driving Away
PROTON: Personnel Ride Only, Towing On Negotiate... hehe

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Congrats to Harun Asri 504 for his upcoming wedding at Dewan Felda Perdana on 17th January 2010. Sorry the attendance is by invitation only and very limited seats. Harun would like to apologize in advance since he could not invite most of us.

Congrats again! Semoga kekal ke akhir hayat

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Jejak Kasih edisi Jeddah

Next time, tolong bawak aku pergi makan makanan Arab pulak.....

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

How much do Malaysians spend?

How much do Malaysians spend?

If you think you're not paying for all these, think again.

Electricity bills and you

I thought i'd just share this lesson i learnt yesterday. I have a condo unit which is being rented out to an Arab student (with his family). He's a very kind guy and the nicest tenant i've ever had, though at first i did have doubts (after hearing stories about Middle Easterns). I guess i'm one of the lucky few!

One of the things that i occasionally do is to login to TNB's e-service webpage to just check on the status of the electricity bills for units that i have rented out. So i so happen to check this particular unit, and to my shock, his latest electricity bill came to be RM 2,400. His usual bills are normally about RM 30 or so. So a natural reaction would be to call TNB to demand for an explanation (at this juncture, my tenant has not known about his electricity bill yet).

TNB explained that the bills for the past 7 months (since May) are all 'estimated' bills. I asked how could it be estimated, since this is a condo and they would have access to the electricity meter. Standard answer by the clerk (i don't blame her) is 'Maaf Encik, saya cuma membaca apa yang tertera pada sistem'.

In the end, the bill is what it is. Because the past 7 months bills were estimated, and thus he was under billed, rightfully TNB could recoup this under billing and bill him this month when they did an actual reading (Apparently there is some Akta that covers this in the contract agreement we signed with TNB when purchasing a property and applying for power connection). His average bill is supposed to be about the region of RM 300 a month, so that is actually about right for 7 months accumulation.

The questions i have for TNB: 1. I noticed that there has been an increase in rate sometime in August. But the under billing was from the old rate. Now when you do a catch up bill, it is at a new rate. Isn't that unfair, because customer is billed at a new rate, when the electricity was at an old rate.

2. TNB should not have let an estimated bill be more than 2 to 3 months at max. Leaving it for 7 months is a great burden to consumers. And now you expect for a one lump sum payment of 7 months catch up bill, when it was TNB's fault at first for not doing an actual reading?

3. When TNB does current reading, they take the difference between the old meter reading and today. So in this case, there is a delta of 5000 units for example. And this 5000 units is spread out against the different bands of today's rate, and a higher band (as the units increase) incurs higher rate. So isn't it unfair to consumers to have to pay higher, because if the proper reading were taken before, an average electricity movement per month is probably about 700 units, and would be on the lower band, thus lower electricity charge if i were to accumulate each bill individually.

In the end the electricity was consumed by my tenant, and he still has to pay for it. But through no fault of his, he is now being burdened with a one lump sum bill, and risk getting a power cut because of what i perceive as TNB's ineffectiveness in getting a proper reading. Why it was an estimated bill for 7 months, we'll never know i guess, though logically it should not have been.

Probably you guys should check your bills, and if the bill is pretty low compared to what you normally use, it is worth while to double check. Otherwise be prepared for surprises.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

What is your excuse?

p/s: Azizi Ali is one of my personal favourite author. He's a multi millionaire and an acknowledged and well known property guru. However, Azizi is also a financial trainer, not only qualified academically, but he has the experience and $$$$$ in the banks to be able to stand in his own league. He definitely walks his talks.

The Book Of Excuses by Azizi Ali

One of the funny things (at least it’s funny to me) is hearing the excuses people give to justify why they are not rich. What’s ever funnier is that the people call them “reasons”; I call them excuses.

Throughout the years, I’ve heard excuses such as “I don’t want the responsibility” to “people would come to rob me” to “I’m too young” to “I’m too old”! I’ve heard the works and now would like to share them with you.Enjoy! It’s too much work.

It’s too difficult.

I’m not greedy.

If I’m rich, people would come to rob me.

If I’m rich, people would come to borrow money from me.

If I’m rich, people would kidnap my children.If I become rich, people would hate me.

I have to learn about stocks, properties, investments, tax, estate planning, running businesses and all.

It’s too much hassle.

I’m too young.

I’m too old.

I’m not smart enough.

I’m not intelligent enough.

I didn’t go the right school.

I don’t have the right contacts.

I don’t have enough knowledge.

I don’t have enough capital.

I’m not lucky enough.

What if I make it and then lose it all? Then it’ll all be a waste of time.

I’ll be paying even more tax. And God knows I’m paying a lot of tax as it is already.

I’ll never know if people like me for what I am or because of my money.

It might take me away from doing the things that I like to do.

What will my colleagues/friends/family say?

Who me? Rich? No, I don’t think so.I never even thought about it.People may criticize me behind my back.

People may laugh at me.

I’m happy where I am.

What if I failed? Then I’ll really look stupid.

It’s too risky.

It’s too dangerous.

My religion forbids the accumulation of wealth.

I’d rather be doing more important things (such as watching TV).

In my world, the pursuit of academic excellence is more important than the pursuit of wealth.

It’s so unrefined – all this talk about wealth and money.

How much more money do you want?

I wouldn’t know what to do with all that money.

I’d prefer to do charity work instead of mindlessly chasing after money.

Too much wealth is not good. Moderation is the way to everything.

My husband will start thinking about having a second wife

What’s the point? My wife and/or children will just spend it all.

What’s the point? It’ll only last three generations.

What’s the point? I do the work; other people get to enjoy the money. My children will just be fighting one another for the inheritance when I die.

I don’t want the responsibility.

I don’t want to cheat or take advantage of people.

Money is the root of all evil.

Money is not important.

God don’t like rich people.

There are more important things in life than money, you know.

Happiness is more important than money. If I become rich, I cannot be happy.

Health is more important than money. If I become rich, I may lose my health.

You can’t have your cake and eat it too. If I become rich, something else will have to give. And I don’t want to give anything up.

What’s the point? When you die, you’ll die alone like everyone else.

If I’m rich, it means less for other people.

It’s difficult to become rich in this country.

I’m waiting for the right time.

The opportunity has not presented itself yet.

My horoscope says not to start any new business this year.

My Feng Shui master said it’s not the right time.

It’s all up to God. I leave everything to God.

I want to enjoy life first. You’re only young once.

I have too much responsibility to think about anything else at this point in time.

I’m already drowning in work as it is. You want me to do more work?

That’s my husband’s job.

So there you go, folks, a partial (!) list of excuses people give why they are not rich. My favourite?

Read on.

That’s the problem with the world today. Everyone is too gung-ho about money. All they think about is money, money and more money.

New Fuel Subsidy System in May 2010

Second Finance Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah said the new fuel subsidy system will be ready for implementation in May 2010 and it is a system using the Mykad.

The details of the implementation not yet announced by the government. However there was news reported that the subsidy system is as follow,

- No subsidy for foreigners and the vehicles with the engine capacity 2.0 cc above

- 50% subsidy for car engine in between 1.5 cc and 2.0 cc

- 100% subsidy for engine 1.5 cc below

----------------------------------------- Dear friends, What do you think of this new subsidy system? Kalau ikut 1.5 to 2.0 boleh dapat 50% subsidy, ini termasuklah proton wira etc. I wonder if lepas ni kalau nak isi minyak pam cashier kene verify ke berapa cc kereta kau dulu? Or maybe lepas ni dalam mykad ada tulis kau bawak kereta apa? Hmm...

Monday, November 30, 2009


Rank Team Points
1 [KBM]+Cakcibor11 1,195.00
2 Chikungunya FC 1,157.00
3 Man U Setan Jahat 990.50
4 naz united 989.00
5 MyTeamKit United 942.00
6 KB Geroda 903.00
7 bOyOt 899.00
8 Raub FC 872.00
9 Man U No More FC 843.50
10 sik pandey kelakar sarawak 791.50
11 intertina 789.00
12 Penang Mari 758.00
13 Jaga2CikSalmah 748.50
14 Bukit Rimau FC 635.50
15 Player 623.00

Friday, November 27, 2009


Religious Symbols Al-Hajj (The Pilgrimage) Sura 22: Verse 32

"This is [to be bourne in mind]. Anyone who honours the symbols set up by God [shows evidence of ] God-consciousness in people's hearts."

A link is established here between the sacrifice offered by pilgrims and the way hearts are made conscious of God. The whole purpose of all pilgrimage rituals is to enhance believers' God-fearing sense. All these rituals are symbols confirming submission to God, the Lord of the Ka'bah, the Sacred House, as also obeying Him in all situations. They may also involve reminders of old events, from the time of Abraham and later generations, but these are reminders of complete submission to God, obeying His rules and looking up to Him for guidance. Such is the mark of the Muslim community evern since its earliest days. Hence, these symbols are to be treated on an equal footing with prayer. [Read more here]


I would like to welcome Suraya Ali as the new contributor to our blog.

She will cover issues on financial especially, but will contribute other things that she sees fit.

We need more of Subject Matter Expert (SME) in other areas as well such as doctors, engineers, architects, interior designers, designers, modern farmers, etc. You can form a 'consortium of SME' to come up with 3-4 articles per year. 3-4 articles per year is more than enough as a starter.

Since budak2 tepeng can assess to internet, they can read our article on the profession. Consider as our CSR to them.



TQ to adzimi for sharing the file.

If you want to download, please click [here]

Thursday, November 26, 2009



Hasnor, ANSARA golf champion utk ACT, the Best Group of 5 (score utk 5 pemain terbaik dari ansara masing-masing)

dengan guest of honor, dato mukriz.. time ni dato complain tekak dia sakit sbb kena nyanyi atas pentas ><

saliza with her friends. yg dok sebelah ihsan tu namanya wan, from KE, taiping....

the bold and beautiful form left - linda, aida zeti, ray & saliza

ihsan ngajo lagu mrsm kat KE and TKC alumni...

ihsan and wife

ray & saliza

Controversial out of ordinary ideas wanted

Time flies. Waktu proposal on doing the gathering post-raya for our batch, ada yang suggest mungkin terlalu dekat ngan gathering bulan puasa hari tu, dan mungkin akhir tahun lagi elok. Pejam celik, hey, its almost December! And for most of us, lagi sebulan dah boleh tukar nombor umur atas borang dari 31 ke 32. This year is the 14th year since Taiping, and next year will be the 15th.

So apa kata kita mulakan discussion on our next gathering. Why not this time we do something slightly different? Ada yang suggest buat BBQ. Ada yang suggest buat picnic. Maybe some kind of family day outing? Macam mana kita boleh buat gathering yang mana most people, especially out spouse and kids, boleh get involved?

When would be the best time to do this? December is a holiday month. Berderet cuti. So how about January?

Or maybe we can just screw all the idea gathering ideas, we've been collecting ideas for years and we're still doing the same thing year after year. Just go ahead with something? How about BBQ for a start?

Comments required from EVERY visitor. Thats the least we hope you can contribute. STOP being just an observer. We are after all a family, rooted back to one common ground where we spent 2 years of our life together. Thank you.


Points before 2 derby games, Liverpool vs Everton & Arsenal vs. Chelsea
Rank Team Points
1 [KBM]+Cakcibor11 1,078.50
2 Chikungunya FC 1,029.00
3 Man U Setan Jahat 944.00
4 naz united 910.50
5 MyTeamKit United 852.50
6 KB Geroda 840.50
7 bOyOt 812.00
8 Raub FC 793.00
9 Man U No More FC 786.50
10 Penang Mari 734.50
11 intertina 727.50
12 sik pandey kelakar sarawak 717.00
13 Jaga2CikSalmah 702.50
14 Player 574.00
15 Bukit Rimau FC 557.50


nak ajak kawan-kawan untuk join Malakoff Run 20th December ni kat KL.

Korang patutnye takde excuse sebab aini yg pregnant 7 mths pun join 6km run, she will be walking i guess..

Nak tau lebey click [here]

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Congrats to azree & family

Sunday, November 15, 2009

30,000 public sector staff paid without going to duty

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 14: There are indications an estimated 30,000 workers from the ministries and government agencies have not been to their offices for several years. Similarly over 20,000 ministry workers spend an average of two or three hours daily at work without any medical reports to support them. They only arrive there to fingerprint or punch cards, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily. A source revealed those employees return home immediately after they have completed the fingerprint attendance, and depend on others to sign out for them at the end of working hours. (link)

Saturday, November 14, 2009


It was mealtime during an airline flight. “Would you like dinner?” the flight attendant asked John, seated in front. “What are my choices?” John asked. “Yes or no,” she replied.
A flight attendant was stationed at the departure gate to check tickets. As a man approached, she extended her hand for the ticket and he opened his trench coat and flashed her. Without missing a beat, she said, “Sir, I need to see your ticket, not your stub.”
A lady was picking through the frozen turkeys at the grocery store but she couldn’t find one big enough for her family. She asked a stock boy, “Do these turkeys get any bigger?” The stock boy replied, “No ma’am, they’re dead.”
The police officer got out of his car as the kid who was stopped for speeding rolled down his window. “I've been waiting for you all day,” the officer said. The kid replied, “Yeah, well I got here as fast as I could.” When the cop finally stopped laughing, he sent the kid on his way without a ticket.
A truck driver was driving along on the freeway and noticed a sign that read: Low Bridge Ahead. Before he knows it, the bridge is right in front of him and his truck gets wedged under it. Cars are backed up for miles. Finally a police car comes up. The cop gets out of his car and walks to the truck driver, puts his hands on his hips and says, “Got stuck, huh?” The truck driver says, “No, I was delivering this bridge and I ran out of gas.”
A college teacher reminds her class of tomorrow’s final exam. “Now class, I won’t tolerate any excuses for you not being here tomorrow. I might consider a nuclear attack or a serious personal injury, illness, or a death in your immediate family, but that's it, no other excuses whatsoever!” A smart-ass student in the back of the room raised his hand and asked, “What would you say if tomorrow I said I was suffering from complete and utter sexual exhaustion?” The entire class is reduced to laughter and snickering. When silence was restored, the teacher smiled knowingly at the student, shook her head and sweetly said, “Well, I guess you’d have to write the exam with your other hand.”
A woman is standing nude looking in the bedroom mirror. She is not happy with what she sees and says to her husband, “I feel horrible; I look old, fat and ugly. I really need you to pay me a compliment.” The husband replied, “Your eyesight’s good.”

Friday, November 06, 2009


Rank Team Points
1 [KBM]+Cakcibor11 959.50
2 Chikungunya FC 886.00
3 Man U Setan Jahat 877.50
4 KB Geroda 768.50
5 bOyOt 760.50
6 naz united 755.50
7 Man U No More FC 736.00
8 MyTeamKit United 709.00
9 Raub FC 690.50
10 sik pandey kelakar sarawak 651.50
10 Penang Mari 651.50
12 intertina 615.50
13 Jaga2CikSalmah 541.00
14 Player 484.50
15 Bukit Rimau FC 441.50

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Wang Ihsan Untuk Kelantan

Terbaca dalam local newspaper pasal isu nih, dan antara statement menarik dari PM kita:

1- "Kerajaan Persekutuan memutuskan untuk memberikan wang ihsan petroleum kepada Kelantan mulai tahun depan. Perdana Menteri berkata, pemberian itu adalah berasaskan pertimbangan sama yang diberikan kepada Terengganu iaitu mengambil kira pengeluaran petroleum di luar perairan negeri berkenaan." - Utusan Malaysia

2- “Oleh itu, Kelantan juga wajar diberikan pertimbangan sama oleh Kerajaan Persekutuan sekiranya terdapat aktiviti pengeluaran petroleum di luar perairan negeri terbabit, sungguhpun dari segi perundangan, Kelantan tidak berhak untuk menerima apa-apa bayaran. Dengan ini, saya dengan sukacitanya memaklumkan Kerajaan Persekutuan mengambil keputusan menyediakan peruntukan wang ihsan bagi Kelantan, sama seperti Terengganu." - Harian Metro
If Kelantan & Terengganu are the same case, does it sound funny when the Federal Gov. just realised they mistakenly paid the "royalty" to Terengganu goverment after the opposition won the election?

Monday, November 02, 2009


Strong Marriage Bond
Al-Rum (The Romans) Sura 30: Verse 21

"And among His Signs is this, that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that ye may dwell in tranquillity with them, and He has put love and mercy between your (hearts); verily in that are Signs for those who reflect."

Most spouses start out with hopes and rosy dreams; truly committed to making their marriage work. However, as the reality of living with a less than perfect spouse lurks in, and as the pressures of life builds, many individuals do not find as much satisfaction in their relationships. All marriages change over time. However, with hard work and dedication, people can keep their marriages strong and enjoyable. How is it done? What does it take to create a long-lasting, satisfying marriage?

Researches indicate that the most successful marriages share some key characteristics. These are some of the characteristics that researchers have found to be common in successful marriages. Let's look at each of these factors.

[read more here]

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Rank Team Points
1 [KBM]+Cakcibor11 855.00
2 Man U Setan Jahat 806.50
3 Chikungunya FC 793.50
4 naz united 668.50
5 Raub FC 664.00
6 bOyOt 650.50
7 KB Geroda 650.00
8 Man U No More FC 641.00
9 MyTeamKit United 627.50
10 Penang Mari 603.50
11 intertina 564.50
12 sik pandey kelakar sarawak 548.00
13 Jaga2CikSalmah 473.50
14 Player 447.00
15 Bukit Rimau FC 368.00

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Full settlement & lock in period

"If the loan is fully settled within 1st 6 years from 1st drawdown, a prepayment fee of 3.0% shall be charged on the original loan amount or subject to a minimum prepayment fee of RM5,000 whichever higher"

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Rank Team Points
1 [KBM]+Cakcibor11 763.00
2 Man U Setan Jahat 747.50
3 Chikungunya FC 700.00
4 bOyOt 597.50
5 Man U No More FC 592.00
6 KB Geroda 591.50
7 naz united 588.00
8 Raub FC 556.00
9 Penang Mari 529.00
10 MyTeamKit United 523.50
11 intertina 503.50
12 sik pandey kelakar sarawak 443.00
13 Jaga2CikSalmah 421.00
14 Player 375.50
15 Bukit Rimau FC 320.00

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Dalam tak sedar, dah 3 tahun + 2 hari blog ni idop & aku nampak its growing populariti amongst us. tambah pulak sekarang ada facebook untuk promote blog ni. Ada jugak perasaan dan pendapatan untuk slow down this blog dan concentrate on facebook, tapi consensus dari 'the usuals' yang masuk blog ni suruh aku teruskan...

Aku nampak jugak ada a few yang starts blogging after this blog went live 15.10.2006. Fo me its good thing to share... bak kata mat salleh, sharing is caring.

Kalau tengok kat archive post, 2 tahun lepas & tahun lepas byk artikel aku buat. Tahun ni ada sedikit faktor 'masa mencemburi kita' >_< bukan lupa tapi tengah jadi penyebok kat opis (+ outstation ke bandar miaw miaw)

Tak dak idea langsung nak tulis apo nih.... 2 mende aku nak ckp.. Annual Dinner ANSARA 22.11.09 & Annual BBQ ACT95 (batch kita la tu) Jan.2010...

Ok, aku cincau, cencalok, cencaru dulu..

Happy Birthday blog.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Saturday, October 10, 2009



This is the Annual Dinner for ANSARA Pusat.

They are selling tables for fund raising to HIP - A charity for education to the poor in rural area.

For corporate which would like to make the donation, the cost is RM1,500.00 per table (10 seats).

If you would like to go individually, the seat is RM150.00 per seat. The collection will go toward the cost of the dinner and the excess will go to HIP and ANSARA (Sorry, I do not have the exact portion how much will go to HIP and ANSARA, so I would not dare to put it here)

Guest of honor is Tun Siti Hasmah (She is our Penaung), and ANSARA is pushing hard to get Tun Mahathir to come as well, maybe giving key note speech.

Since the event is in Kuala Lumpur where most of us are, why don't we support our ANSARA as well as do our part in helping people in need. Opportunity on networking is very high (given that you do not stay on your table and expect people to come to you like Santa Claus) and who knows maybe business opportunities as well.

Kindly RSVP this invitation and I'll let you know which bank account to bank to for the payment.

Thank you. See you there!

Kalau sesapa nak RSVP, pls put comment here or kat FB. Then maybe early November I akan mintak the money.. TQ

Thursday, October 08, 2009


nak bagitau ajk ACT (kalau tak sure apa mende ni, ANSARA Cawangan Taiping) akan bermesyuarat pada hari Jumaat/malam sabtu (sebab kami ada kerja masing-masing time siang hari) kalau ada apa-apa yang nak diutarakan sama ada pandangan, cadangan atau komen (nak buat tournament main guli ke, pertandingan makan hot dog paling banyak & laju je, lumba lari dalam guni ke) sila berhubung secara email kepada sedara ihsan melalui email ihsan dot hasbullah at gmail dot com atau telepong 019-nyk-1-out.

thank you very much, ike puyu pat samas

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

YEA 2009 Invitation

I would like to extend an invitation to all of you, especially to those who would like to introduce a little bit of challenge (and lots of fun) to your active children, to a mini triathlon event specially designed to suit them. I am pasting below the exerts from an email I receive:

If you only want to come and witness, you are also more than welcomed.

I'm all in when it comes to promoting a better healthy living lifestyle.

Dear friend,

The Young Endurance Athlete Triathlon will be held on the 17th and 18th October, 2009. Venue is at Precint 6 Public Pool, Putrajaya. The event includes a triathlon clinic on the 17th and race on the 18th.

Registration will be opened until 7th October. Kids from age 7-15 years old are welcome to register Registration fee for participants is RM50 and will be collected on registration day (17 Oct).

We're happy to announce that we're also recruiting volunteers to help out on both dates. For more info , please contact us:

Major Kalam at 0192712569 (Facebook: Kalam Pie)
Amir Hashimi at 0122195552 (Facebook: Amir Hashmi)
Juliana Ali at (Facebook: Juliana Ali)

Kindly contact any of them for more details. I know them, and they are really good and kind athletes friends of mine.

The registration form is as below (total of 4 pages):


Rank Team Points
1 [KBM]+Cakcibor11 709.00
2 Man U Setan Jahat 639.00
3 Chikungunya FC 637.00
4 Man U No More FC 544.50
5 naz united 537.50
6 bOyOt 528.00
7 Raub FC 507.00
8 KB Geroda 504.00
9 Penang Mari 485.00
10 MyTeamKit United 460.00
11 intertina 446.50
12 sik pandey kelakar sarawak 376.50
13 Jaga2CikSalmah 354.00
14 Player 336.00
15 Bukit Rimau FC 259.50

Sunday, October 04, 2009


takde apa nak post, ni ha aku post makanan tengahari aku tadi

Saturday, October 03, 2009

BONUS UTK NAZNAZ & BOUNCIT...(from utusan online)

KUALA LUMPUR 2 Okt. - Syarikat usaha sama SapuraCrest Petroleum Bhd., SapuraAcergy Sdn. Bhd., hari ini memperoleh kontrak bernilai RM600 juta (AS$170 juta) dari Apache Energy Limited Australia untuk Projek Pembangunan Devil Creek. Projek yang terletak di luar persisir pantai Australia, kini siap sedia untuk mendapatkan dan memproses rizab gas dari kawasan gas Reindeer yang perairannya mempunyai kedalaman 60 meter dan terletak kira-kira 80 kilometer di barat laut Pelabuhan Dampier. [BACA LEBEY KAT SINI]


Tuesday, September 29, 2009




Kepada kengkawanku sekaliang, Mintak maap awal2 sebab plan untuk buat BBQ raya terpaksa ditunda kepada tarikh yang belum ditetapkan. Sebab musababnya? kita baru je buat makan-makan bukak puasa hari tu (read: bulan lepas). Jadi cadangannya BBQ Raya ni ditukar kepada Annual BBQ.

Cadangan Annual BBQ ni dijadikan sebagai acara tahunan, mungkin di bulan Disember atau Januari. Mak bapak akan sibuk sket bulan 12 sbb anak nak masuk sekolah, tapi anak-anak masih bercuti sekolah. Kalau di bulan Januari, mungkin kita buat mid Januari selepas mak bapak dah settle down dengan anak-anak masuk sekolah. Biasa le, mak bapak yang anxious lebey dari anak-anak yang masuk sekolah. Apa pendapatan korang?

Untuk tahun 2010 ni, aku proposed kita buat 3 acara dan kalau boleh 3 acara ni jadi acara tahunan unofficial ACT94/95 (unofficial sebab tak register lagi).

Dec'09/Jan'10 - Annual BBQ
Jul'10 (date tak confirmed lagi, tapi sejarahnya around this time) - Sireh Pulang ke Ganggang
Aug'10/Sept'10 - Acara Buka Puasa / Makan-Makan Hari Raya

Untuk acara ketiga tu kita pilih sama ada kita nak buat makan buka puasa or hari raya sebab dua acara ni dekat-dekat. Pendapat aku baek kita pilih salah satu.

Sireh Pulang ke Ganggang SPKG
Pendapat aku kita boleh mintak geng ACT untuk kita buat one slot activity conducted by our batch. Interesting kan? Tema tak strict tapi the base are on career (do and don't during interview, climbing corporate ladder, leadership, etc), mcm mana nak buat decision on moving forward, maybe on investment or even a bit on pengisian rohani. Aku ngan Adzimi bincang maybe we can do something yang interactive ngan adik2 kita instead one way communication (makan suap ajo. read: kita bagi talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk and they not listen). Really need everyone output on this project.

Mock Interviewer volunteers
Kaunselor MRSM Taiping ckp lagi satu yg kita boleh contribute ialah kaki dan tangan untuk mock interview budak2 kita untuk scholarship. Dengar cerita nombor student yang dapat scholarship makin kurang, jadi maybe dengan pertolongan kita diorang akan ada more feedbacks and confident nak jawab soalan interview.

Disamping dan diramping itu ACT perlukan our finance support untuk event-event esp. projek white coat. Project White Coat ni ACT akan bawak pelajar mrsm taiping sekarang untuk melihat sendiri kerja doktor di USM, Kubang Kerian. Faci kat USM tu adalah alumni MRSM Taiping sendiri + others sukarela dan paksarela.

ACT jugak plan untuk buat Annual Dinner di KL. Kalau boleh luangkan masa untuk hadir annual dinner in support of ACT.

Register ACT
Mintak tolong kawang-kawang register as life members utk kita daftar as NGO. Tak mahal pun, fee is RM250 dan korang tak payah dah bayar apa2 untuk membership. Senang tak?

As one of ACT committee members aku akan update korang on next event for ACT.

Thank you for reading. Any comments, suggestion?


Rank Team Points
1 [KBM]+Cakcibor11 629.50
2 Man U Setan Jahat 553.50
3 Chikungunya FC 526.50
4 naz united 486.00
5 Man U No More FC 484.50
6 Raub FC 468.50
7 bOyOt 453.00
8 Penang Mari 406.50
9 intertina 398.00
10 MyTeamKit United 381.00
11 KB Geroda 368.50
12 Jaga2CikSalmah 320.50
13 sik pandey kelakar sarawak 303.00
14 Player 298.00
15 Bukit Rimau FC 202.50

Monday, September 28, 2009


yang berada di KL, selamat kembali...
kepada yang berkenderaan sendiri ke opis, selamat merempuh jam strawberi pergi dan balik opis
kepada yang berkenderaan awam ke opis, selamat merempuh orang dalam gerabak macam sardin,
selamat beratur kat restoren untuk makan tengahari,
selamat buat kerja 'backlog' yang bertimbun-timbun,
selamat bermeeting sampai lewat hari,
selamat kena marah ngan boss,
selamat balik lewat sampai puasa tahun depan,
selamat outstation,
selamat dapat promotion, bonus, increment hujung tahun ni,
selamat cari kerja baru,
selamat mencuba kepada yang bukak bisness sendiri,
dan akhir sekali, Selamat berpuasa 6.....


Picture taken at Taiping by Nor Firdaus 505.

website ni bukan official website mrsm taiping... mau carik official punya, segala isi kandungan dalam blog ni tak mewakili mrsm taiping dan MARA. Untuk cari Ansara Cawangan Taiping, bleh p ke Kat, webmaster dia Abg Damit.... website ni utk geng2 mrsm taiping batch 9495 lay-park, borak2, merapu, meroyan, melalak.

jemput tengok dan tengok lagi.. kalau tak puas jugak bleh la tinggal message ka, letak comment ka... mau Lagi??? email la sama wa kat taiping9495 at gmail dot com.

terima kasih kat sapa2 yg tolong website ni secara jualan langsung atau black market....

article yg ada dlm ni adalah hakcipta blog ni kecuali ada dinyatakan dicilok dari sumber2 tertentu... segala komen yg dibuat dalam blog ni takde langsung mewakili blog nih.. komen2 tu adalah hak dan rekacipta org yg tulis komen tu... ada paham? webmaster ada hak utk meng'edit', meng'keluar'kan mana2 post yg dirasakan tidak sesuai