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seLAmat DatAnG kePaDA cikgu SalMiah IsNi, cikGu homeRoom tercinTa aku... hehe & jugak cikgGu bM utk 2-3 keLas.. 503, 506,507, 508


kalau sesapa nak beli aksessori perempuan, wife adib osman 502 Bismi ada buat kedai alam maya http://biscollection.com

undi, jangan tak undi

undian pertandingan mata sepet berakhir hari ini.. so UNDI, jangan tak UNDI...


welcome to cikgu tajri & cikgu therah... alhamdulillah, cikgu tajri dah sihat, insya Allah reunion nanti kami akan jemput semua cikgu2 yang mengajar kitorang... happy surfing

Surat dari Cikgu Tajri....

From: Cikgu Tajri To: Taiping9495@gmail.com Subject: Cikgu Tajri dah sihat Assalamualaikum semua batch Taiping9495.
Cikgu dah sihat seperti biasa. Alhamdulillah. Dah boleh main badminton semula. Cikgu nak ucapkan terima kasih kepada semua yang mendoakan kesihatan cikgu terutama kepada mereka yang datang melawat cikgu di hosp. Balik Pulau dan hosp. Penang. Jefri Sakedan yang bawa epal besar macam saiz dia jugak, Dr. Shereen yang bersusah payah uruskan perpindahan cikgu dari Hosp. Balik Pulau ke GH Penang dan seterusnya dari wad 3rd class ke 1st class di GH. Masa duk di 3rd clas tu, cikgu mohon nak balik rumah je pasal katil extra yang diberi tu tak ada kipas di atasnya, panas sampai nak demam dibuatnya. Nasib baik cepat dapat transfer ke 1st class. Balqis dan suami yang tolong angkat barang dan tolak kerusi roda masa cikgu nak pindah ke 1st class, Kamariah yang tolong pinjamkan hp pasal bateri hp cg dah habis. Juga Marni dan suami.
Baru-baru ni Shahid 505 ada telefon cikgu dari Pasir Gudang, Johor. Katanya kerjanya sekarang tak berkaitan dengan apa yang dia belajar di U (Aeronautical eng.). Tak apalah, cikgu pun macam tu dan mungkin ramai lagi. Yang penting beliau bahagia dan gembira bersama keluarga. Nik Fahusnaza dan isteri juga pernah telefon dan datang melawat cikgu sekeluarga masa di Taiping dan di Balik Pulau. Yang lain tu lama dah cikgu tak jumpa dan dengar berita. Moga semua student cikgu sihat sejahtera dan aman bahagia bersama keluarga tersayang...
Kalau ada cadangan batch 9495 nak buat reunion, mungkin elok juga jemput semua cikgu-cikgu yang pernah ajar hangpa semua masa di Taiping dulu, barula meriah..........
Ok, cukup di sini dulu. Wassallam.

EPL REVIEW - Manchester United

by Khairul Faizie First Team:
-Nemanja VIDIC
-John O'SHEA
-Gabriel HEINZE
-Patrice EVRA
-Gerard PIQUE
-Christiano RONALDO
-Micheal CARRICK
-Ji-sung PARK
-Louis SAHA
-Guiseppe ROSSI
-Fangzhuo DONG
-Carlos TEVEZ (SOON)...
In :
1. Nani
--Full name: Luís Carlos Almeida da Cunha.
--A young Portuguese signing from Sporting Lisbon, for an undisclosed fee(believed to be 17.3 mil Pound)
--Deja vu of fellow Portuguese, Christiano Ronaldo.
-- A natural- born left winger, who able to play various attacking positions.
--Nani is also famed in Portugal for a trademark goal celebration, the somersault. Recently, after the Asia Tour Game, where he scored a
a goal and celebrated the usual style, Fergie had conveyed a massage to Nani through 2nd man,Queiroz, that the 'somersault' celebs is 'banned' for the good of the player himself (to minimise risk of ankle injury).
--Won the 2007 Portuguese Cup with Sporting Lisbon prior to his arrival to Old Trafford.
2. Anderson
--Full name: Anderson Luis de Abreu Oliveira
--Dubbed the new Ronaldinho, was signed from Porto FC.
--Striking resemblance between Anderson and Ronaldinho, not only in terms of looks, but he is incredibly skilful like Ronaldinho.
--He played for Brazil at the 2005 South American U-17 Championship and 2005 U-17 World Cup, winning the Adidas Golden Ball for most valuable player.
--Won the Portuguese Championship with Porto FC for 2005/06 & 2006/07 seasons.
--A skillfull wide left player, who able to play as central midfielder.
--Mario Zagallo said " Everything suggests he is going to be a superstar, a prodigy, as he has undisputable quality,"
--Latest, he featured in the winning team of Copa America.
3. Owen Hargreaves
--The Canadian-born, England international midfielder's, who shone during the 2006 World Cup.
-- Bought from Bayern Munich, after a 'long-running transfer saga'
--One of only two English players to win the European Cup with a non-English club - the other being Steve McManaman.
-- Voted England Player of the Year in January 2007.
-- A Champions League winner in 2001 and four-time Bundesliga champion with Bayern.
4. Tomasz Kuszczak
-- A Polish goalkeeper from West Bromich Albion, who had made United debut on the September 17th, 2006.
Out :
1. Kieran Richardson to Sunderland.
-2007/08 English Premier League Champion : Manchester United FC
-2. Chelsea
-3. Arsenal
-4. Liverpool
-5. Everton
-2007/08 FA Cup winner : Manchester United FC
-UEFA Champions League : Semi-Final
- For the new season, the signing of four interesting players are most welcome.
-Two exciting, talented young players, Nani & Anderson will boost the attacking options.
- Hargreaves, well aku harap akan act as an anchor man, a defensive midfielder, who place was left by Keane. Carrick tak dpt lagi sentuhan ni, so hopefully Hargreaves will.
- Tomasz Kuszczak will fill the goal post in case the Giant Van Der Sar is absence.
- I have no idea on how Fergie will rotate the players, especially dengan midfield option yg banyak dan penuh bakat. Probably the Legendary Giggs akan main central attacking role, tolong si Rooney up front. Left & Right wings punya option banyak;
ada Ronaldo, Nani, Anderson, Park, Fletcher...hatta si tua Solksjaer pun pernah diturunkan sebagai right wing... kekekeke...
-Up front, selain Rooney, Saha ada, tapi byk speculation yg kata most probably during the next transfer window, Saha akan blah...that's why Fergie beria-ia nak sign Carlos Tevez. Solksjaer as usual, the super-sub. Rossi pulak dengar kata Fiorentina dlm usaha memacing dia, atas kehandalan dia beraksi di Parma(on loan). Alan Smith?? Mamat ni banyak club yg berebut, dia aja yg tak mau sebab nak stay dgn the best team kannnn.... dia reject offer Boro. Latest si Smith ni menjadi rebutan Everton & Aston Villa.
-Central midfield, ada Carrick, Scholes, Hargreaves, O'Shea (lebih main defensive even though was trained as a defender).
Back four:
-Vidic & Ferdinand memang semakin utuh, mengimbau kembali kehebatan Steve Bruce & Garry Pallister.
-Left back, Evra & Heinze berebut tempat. That's why ada ura ura mengatakan Heinze akan blah jua akhirnya...sadly, probably to arch-rival, the Liverpool.. hope tak jadi...
-Right back(wing back): the undisputed Gary Neville.
-Subs option: ada Silvestre (walaupun hebat dicanang nak blah main French league), Brown kekadang boleh harap, kekadang hampas.
The best signing:
-The best signing definately lah trio Hargreaves, Nani & Anderson.
-Torres main kat Anfield???...nak tgk sejauh mana..well Fergie dah lama gak aim mamat ni... best signing jugak.
-But, but, beside the trio that I have mentioned above the mega signing mustilah si Henry ke Barca. boleh imagine tak dia main upfront alongside Eto????..dah ada Ronaldinho & Messi as playmaker.. fuuhhhhhhhhh.... Memang patut pun dia join Barca, since dia nak something significant, and at Arsenal, dia tak dapat!
Huhhh..letih la buat review ni.... sampai jumpa di lain siaran... byk gue nak bambu The Blues nanti.....Majulah Sukan Utk Negara.

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kalau sesapa yang takde mende nak buat, or tengah cari mende nak buat, or yang saja2 buat busy malam ni bleh la mai ke restoren pelita, ss15, subang jaya... kol 8:30 malam... ada makan sket, sendiri bayo :P jumpa di sana!!!

safety first

from my mailbox which i think useful to all of us in nowadays criminal rates... enjoy.... A Simple and Easy Task for our Safety. (tip from Bukit Aman) Next time you come home for the night and before you put your car keys away, think of this : It's a security alarm system that you probably already have and requires no installation. Start keeping your car keys next to your bed on the night stand before you go to rest. If you think someone is trying to get into your house, or if you hear a noise outside your house, just press the alarm button on the remote controller of your car..... Test it! It should be triggered on almost when you press in everywhere inside your house and will keep honking until your battery runs down or until you reset it. If your car alarm is activated when someone is trying to break in your house, odds are the burglar or rapist won't stick around.....after a few seconds all the neighbors will be looking out their windows to see who is out there and sure enough the criminal won't want that. Try yours to make sure it works before you rely on it. Just know that you must press the alarm button again to turn it off. And remember to carry your keys while walking to your car at the carpark in the evening or while you are alone. The alarm can work the same way there..... This is something that should really be shared with everyone. Maybe it could save a life or from a sex abuse. So put those car keys & remote controller on the night table now ! Or if you're at work, forward this message to your home so that you will remember to do this tonight when you get home. Let the rest of the family know about this too.

Climbing across Titiwangsa by aini

Copy circle-circle from Aini's blog... http://bola2api.blogspot.com The plan was Batu 18 - Perez - Titi - Klawang to start at 8 am. I got out late and was further delayed by the traffic from Batu 14. Aduh.. sakit jiwa aku. My sis was the driver and designated support car for the day. Shazly dok api aku, "Since you have support car, might as well follow us to Broga." Awak sungguh kelakar sekali, Shazly :P We started around 8.30am. I decided not to follow the pack and just stayed behind with Mac with the excuse "Nak tunggu Jaja.." After about 15 mins and going to the toilet to pee, we headed for Perez. I dunno why but I so hate the route from Bt 18 to Perez junction. Heart rate was erratic. It's either because I was afraid of.... read more [HERE]

bukit gasing challenge

By Pesa

Interview MARINI

Interview by Ihsan First 'gurl' to submit the interview form.. mekacih byk2 Pertama, boleh kasi nama penuh, no maktab (kalau ingat la), homeroom dan kelas Marini Abdul Hamid, 94151, Delima A, 408/508 Ooo, kita sama homeroom Delima. OK, oleh sebab mrsm taiping ni start form 4, sekolah form 1-3 dulu kat mana? Sekolah Menengah Agama Tok Jiring, Terengganu. Ganu kiteeee... Ada dak best & Worst memories masa kat tepen? Best memories: pergi mandi ramai2 kat tepi sungai sekolah masa takde air, kuar ramai pi main2 kat taman tasek secara haram. Hehehe… Worst memories: Kena kejar dek beruk depan pagar tepen hmmm korang pun reti fly ka? ini berita baru nih.. Apa yang paling rindu pasal tepen? Best memories: pergi mandi ramai2 kat tepi sungai sekolah masa takde air, kuar ramai pi main2 kat taman tasek secara haram. Hehehe… Worst memories: Kena kejar dek beruk depan pagar tepen Apa yang paling rindu pasal tepen? environment, sekolah, geng sahabat rimba. ^.^ Ada cikgu kesayangan? ntah, tak tau sape Kita dah tinggal tepen 12 tahun lepas, apa mende yg buat sekarang? (kerja, hobi, kelab,etc) kerja buat satelit Apa pandangan tentang blog tepen9495? ada cadangan yang boleh buat blog ni lagi mantap? tak tengok lagi, nanti tgk baru bleh komen. Apa idea untuk kita buat reunion tahun depan sempena MRSM Taiping 25 tahun? wat majlis kat taman tasek, cam time erra kawen ngan yusry dulu2 tu.


welcome to pesa 504 nickname niefeng... feel free to contribute, comment & leave a msg in shoutbox (done) :D

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EPL Review - Chelsea FC

First team squad Goal Keeper Petr Cech Carlo Cudicini Henrique Hilario Defenders Paulo Ferreira Glen Johnson John Terry Ricky Carvalho Tal Ben Haim Wayne Bridge Ashley Cole Khalid Boulahrouz Michael Mancienne Midfielders Frank Lampard Michael Ballack Florent Malouda Joey Cole Arjen Robben John Obi Mikel Michael Essien Lassana Diarra Claude Makalele Steve Sidwell Shaun Wright Phillips Filipe Olivera Jimmy Smith Michael Woods James Simmonds Lee Sawyer Sam Hutchinson Striker Didier Drogba Andreiy Shevchenko Hernan Crespo (Season loan to Inter Milan) Salomon Kalou Claudio Pizzaro Ben Sahar Scott Sinclair In 1. Claudio Pizzaro, free transfer from Bayern Munich, Position striker 29 thn 2. Tal Ben Haim, free transfer from Bolton. Position defender. 25 thn 3. Steve Sidwell, free transfer from Reading. Position midfield. 25 thn 4. Florent Malouda, ₤16 million (est) from Lyon. Position forward. 27 thn Out 1. Geremi, to Newcastle United. Position Midfield & right back Prediction 1. Chelsea 2. Manchester United 3. Liverpool 4. Tottenham 5. Arsenal Impressive signing, Claudio Pizarro... prolific striker for a free... other team, Anderson, Porto to Manchester United. Laju & dribbler. tak impress - so far takde lagi yg tak impress.. team lain, Torres (good luck Liverpool, hehehe) & Darren Bent ₤16.5 m ... ₤500,000 lagi byk dari henry! Comment Bila Chelsea beli players ratus juta, org kata Chelsea 'bought the title'. Thn ni pakai free transfer, kata Chelsea takdak duit pulak. Tapi tahun ni beli ramai player selain african players sbb thn depan Chelsea akan hilang Drogba, Essien, Kalou, maybe Mikel (coach ban dia join national team, BAGUS utk chelsea) & Diara utk 1-2 bulan african nation cup (ANC). Manchester United beli player ₤50 juta utk 3 orang, org cakap 'its for the good of the game'... mmg bias tahap gaban punya. personally aku nak ckp good luck to Torres, for me Torres is the next Cisse lah. dia akan score goal, tapi utk ₤27 juta... dia takleh nak ckp mcm iklan loreal, because i'm NOT worth it! ... :D Harap2 JM bleh kasi players muda main skali-skala mcm utk League Cup & FA Cup early rounds, jadi first team player bleh rest. Mancienne tu org kata the next Terry... will monitor him closely via reports. Keep the blue flag flying high!!! Bring it ON....


Plan nak buat review... tapi drp aku yang buat.. (terus terang loh, aku chelsea supporter), aku rasa ramai yang kat sini sokong Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea & Liverpool (mecque & harris sokong ni) ... maybe Spurs, Manchester City, Everton, Newcastle United or even West Ham... kalau korang sokong mana2 team, bleh la hantar korangnye personal review on your team kat email biasa taiping9495 at gmail dot com. kalau korang nak tulis tapi tak sure nak tulis apa, ni cadangan je utk isi 1. first team squad 2. sapa yg di beli, kalau ada price in pound lagi bagus, dan dari kelab mana dan short info. cth Chelsea beli Claudio Pizzaro, free transfer, dari Bayern Munich. Position striker, umur 28 thn. 3. sapa yang keluar, info mcm atas jugak, Geremi, umur 29 tahun ke Newcastle United. Position across midfielder but can play as right back 4. Prediction team korang punya standing... Chelsea, first. 5. Nak kasi hangat bangat nih, kalau bleh buat prediction utk other teams jugak selain team korang... Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, atau pun mana2 team yang korang tak suka.. Macam tak suka West Ham, position 20. 6. Sapa yang korang rasa signing yang bagus (team sendiri & team lawan), contoh - Claudio Pizzaro, sebab free takde siapa yg try nak sign dia.. Team lain, 7. Sapa yang korang rasa signing tak tak bagus cth (team sendiri & team lawan) - Team sendiri Tal Haim, free transfer. Team lain - Darren Bent 16.5 m juta pound... 500,000 pounds lagi byk dari henry! 8. Anything nak tambah...

good to be back

aku baru je balik dari Kuantan sebab ada dinner reunion kat sekolah wife aku, SHAH Pekan. Setahu aku hubby Khadijah Irfah pun dari sekolah tu.. Mohd Ariri... Diorang buat program Back to SHAH II 2007, mcm ACT kita buat SKPG lah... Kitorang join dinner je, ada la dalam 15 orang budak2 batch wife aku yang mai... Yang aku nak cakap kat korang, makan dinner kat dewan besar diorang, nostalgik abes! makanan takde la macam hotel, tapi feeling nye macam aku pulak ex-SHAH. Idea utk EXCO reunion nak discuss..

mini updates

link interview bleh tengok kat members list kat belah kanan... so far ada tiga je... bleh klik kat nama bakar, nikfa & skebang... friendster list + 1. sharul sham 505 2. syabil 507

[korang ingat dak?] Munajat - Rabbani

Favourite Song for Nasyeed choir

Lead Singer: Bakar

Tuhan...ku bisikkan.. Kerinduan..keinsafan...pengharapan... Tuhan...ku sembahkan.. Pengorbanan...membuktikan...kecintaan

Bisikkan ku untukMu.. Munajatku mohon restu.. Semoga cintaku bukan palsu.. Pada desiran embun syahdu.. Gelombang ...lautan rinduku..

Munajatku dalam syahdu.. Merindui..maghfirahMu.. MardhiahMu dalam restu.. Harapan tulusnya hatiku..

Ku rindukan pimpinanMu .. KeagunganMu dalam doaku.. Kebesaran pada qudratMu.. Ia membina...rohaniku..

Ujian kepahitan...di dalam perjuangan.. Padanya ada kemanisan.. Ketenangan dan kebahagiaan.. Bayangan ..syurga idaman..

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[korang ingat dak?] yong tau foooo-yohhh

hahaha, aku tak tahu korang suka apa kat bomba, tapi aku kalau p situ mesti blasah yong tau fooo-yohhh.. kuah dia mmg terangkat bebb... time aku p taiping karang mesti singgah situ... ahahha tatau la mcm mana nak p sana naik keta... p taiping dulu2 pun bleh sesat dlm tmn tasik!!

cool website

Google code for Educators Sapa in IT line maybe want to browse this page http://code.google.com/edu/

the 70's.... what's remind us


50's , 60's & 70's (that's us) First, we survived with mothers who had no maids. They cooked /cleaned while taking care of us at the same time.

They took aspirin, candies floss, fizzy drinks, shaved ice with syrups and diabetes were rare. Salt added to Pepsi or Coke was remedy for fever.

We had no childproof lids on medicine bottles, doors or cabinets and when we rode our bikes, we had no helmets, not to mention

As children, we would ride with our parents on bicycles / motorcycles for 2 or 3. Richer ones in cars with no seat belts or air bags.

Riding in the back of a private taxi was a special treat.

We drank water from the tap and NOT from a bottle.

We would spend hours on the fields under bright sunlight flying our kites, without worrying about the UV ray which never seem to affect us.

We go to jungle to catch spiders without worries of Aedes mosquitoes.

With mere 5 pebbles (stones) would be a endless game. With a ball (tennis ball best) we boys would ran like crazy for hours.

We catch guppy in drains / canals and when it rain we swim there.

We shared one soft drink with four friends, from one bottle & NO ONE actually worry about being unhygenic.

We ate salty, very sweet & oily food, candies, bread and real butter and drank very sweet soft sweet coffee/ tea, ice kacang, but we weren't overweight because......


We would leave home in the morning and play all day, till streetlights came on.

No one was able to reach us all day. And we were O.K.

We would spend hours repairing our old bicycles and wooden scooters out of scraps and then ride down the hill, only to find out we forgot the brakes. After running into the bushes a few times, we learned to solve the problem .

We did not have Playstations, Nintendo's, X-boxes, multiple channels on cable TV, DVD movies, no surround sound, no handphones, no personal computers, no Internet. WE HAD FRIENDS and we went outside and found them!

We fell out of trees, got cut, broke bones and teeth and we still continued the stunts.

We were never birthday partying

till we were 21,

We rode bikes or walked to a friend's house and just yelled for them!

The idea of a parent bailing us out if we broke the law was unheard of.

They actually sided with the law!

Yet this generation has produced some of the best risk-takers, problem solvers and inventors ever!

The past 40 years have been an explosion of innovation and new ideas.

We had freedom, failure, success and responsibility, and we learned



And YOU are one of them!


You might want to share this with others who have had the luck to grow up as kids, before the government regulated our lives for our own good.

and while you are at it, forward it to your kids so they will know how brave their parents were.

PS: -The big type is because of Long-sightedness or hyperopia at your age.

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Ustaz & Mas.....

congrats DR Adlan Syah Abdul Rahman

Congrats to DR Adlan Syah... sorry yek, aku cilok gambo ko kat frenster... pics with wife, DR arjoanna (our jR) and erin proud of you bro....

interview KHAIRUL FAIZIE 510

Interview by Ihsan pertama, boleh kasi nama penuh, no maktab (kalau ingat la), homeroom dan kelas Khairul Faizie Mohd Kamar. 94139. Delima C Class: 510 (kelas budak budak paling baik & mendengar kata guru dlm MRSM Tepeng ....: ) ) OK, oleh sebab mrsm taiping ni start form 4, sekolah form 1-3 dulu kat mana? Sek.Men.Keb.Agama Segamat, Johor. Best & Worst memories masa kat tepen? Best: - main rugby.
- makan kat Bomba bila outing bandar Tepeng.
- makan nasik lemak Ko-op.
- buat Andika bengang, kotorkan DS lepas abis training rugby.
Worst: - kena libas dgn Hamid Yaman..
- lembab Add Math & Fizik: aku ni pemalas! Budak lain kacang
kacang aje abiskan buku merah tu..
kena libas ngan hamid yaman? aku ingat kelas aku ngan 512.. konfius konfius. Apa yang paling rindu pasal tepen? bila outing ramai ramai tak naik teksi, tapi jalan kaki melalui Tmn Tasik Tepeng, sampailah ke bandar Tepeng.
-aku rindu jugak kesejukan tepeng...selalu hujan woooo..syok tido. ni semua tangkap tido je, padan la warden slalu naik dorm... ada cikgu kesayangan? cikgu Ranjit Singh....hahahahaha... gelak evil ke tu? Kita dah tinggal tepen 12 tahun lepas, apa mende yg buat sekarang? (kerja, hobi, kelab,etc) - Kerja aku dok ngadap org sakit.Org sihat yg purak purak sakit pun aku kena tengok...cittt.
- Kerja sampingan aku bisnes kecil kecilan
- Hobi sekarang ni: Fotografi, Melancong, Main Golf. Bagus la ko, aktif dan produktif lagi tu.. nanti aku celen ko main golf bleh? Apa pandangan tentang blog tepen9495? ada cadangan yang boleh buat blog ni lagi mantap? Best wooo...
Banyakkan menghantar imej/gambar gambar korang.
Bukak la satu forum khas dedicated utk batch kita. Gambar tu kena orang la hantar kat mod, kalau aku nak cilok OK je hehehe. Idea forum tu memang menarik, tapi nak concentrate on blog ni dulu.. ada volunteer ke nak handle forum? hehehe. OK soalan seterusnya, apa idea untuk kita buat reunion tahun depan sempena MRSM Taiping 25 tahun? ntah le..kau ingat tak ihsan time capsule yg kita tanam depan ofis pengetua tu..dah korek ke belum? dah la, junior kita korek... apa citer korek kita nya capsule... tapi yg aku ingat ramai tulis tribute to curt cobain sbb dia mati lebih kurang time kita buat mende tu... tq, dah abes.. pastu tak reti2 nak blanja aku :D

penglipur lara... sewaktu ketika dulu

this piece by khairul a.k.a mc aku nak citer pengalaman aku menyakat budak2 wing B atas... mlm itu mangsa aku semestinya scud.. heheh sori scud.. ko suka kacau aku.. nak di jadikan cerita, mlm itu dlm jam 1 atau 2 pagi, aku pun ingat2 lupa waktu yg tepat.. aku pun memulakan misi aku. dgn berbekalkan kain cadar putih, aku menyelubungi badan aku dgn kain tersebut..ohh yaaa kena tambah makeup effect sikit baru lagi mantap!!! so aku pun taruklah bedak..habis putih melepak muka aku kalah keputihan muka pelakon opera cina...so dgn perlahan2 aku menuju ke bilik scud yg terletak di hujung sekali wing b. yesss..line clear!!! semua budak dah tido so lagi mudah tugas aku... perlahan2 aku menyeret kain putih tersebut lalu berdiri betul2 dihadapan bilik scud...aku berdehem2 kuat...check line sikit..xder respons! bagus..mmg dia dah tido..so aku berdiri betul2 di bucu katil scud lalu memanggil "Scud....scud..Bangun...." xder respons gak..cheh!!! tido mati rupanya...aku jerit lagi kuat "Scud....bangun scud..."kali nih aku picit hujung kaki dia...dia terjaga tapi mamai2 rupanya...dia gosok2 mata dia....aku nampak mata dia terkebil2 lihat sesusuk lembaga putih yg berdiri betul2 di hadapan... Mmg waktu tuh kalau aku di calonkan sebagai aktor harapan konfom aku menangnya coz dgn selambanya aku menyeringaikan gigi aku betul2 di hadapan muka scud..."MMMMAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKKKK......." jerit scud... mmg waktu tuh rasa nak pecah perut aku tahan gelak... melambung selimut dia campak sambil menyorok dan tersandar kat bucu bilik...aku nak gelak.... nak gelak kuat2... terus aku bantai lari kuar dari bilik dia.. aku rasa konfom dia traumanya... muahahahaha misi aku berjaya... aku x puas hati lagi... kali nih aku menuju bilik Tugi.. heheheh tugi yg punya innocent tuh pun aku kacau gak....heheheheh... tugi senang jer nak kejut... sekali panggil jer..."tugi.. bangun tugi......" bisik aku perlahan2 kat telinganya...dia buka mata pelan2... reaksinya sama mcm Scud cuma takderlah sampai sepenakut scud. Aku berdiri tegak jer depan dia...pelan2 dia menyandarkan badan dia kat dinding locker sambil mulut terkumat kamit baca sesuatu...aku rasa dia baca formula fizik kot... xpun tgh hafal Mind Mapping yg selalu dia buat... dada tugi turun naik.. memang konfom dia tgh takut tak ingat.... bila aku tgk muka dia..aku nak gelak gak... adeihhhh letih rupanya menyakat org nih... aku blah slow2 dari bilik tugi terus aku masuk bilik aku... hehehe masuk tido beb... mission berjaya... esoknya mmg kesian tugi dgn scud kena gelak 1 wing...tgk jer muka scud mmg aku nak gelak...dan aku cuba takutkan scud sekali lagi esok malamnya tapi kali ni aku kena tumbuk kat muka..adeiiihhh...nasib baik scud tumbuk mcm pompuan...tapi aku dgrlah scud gelak sorang2.... p/s: to scud n tugi....hehehe sori beb gurau2 jer...bila teringat balik mmg aku gelak sorang2..aku rasa ramai lagi kena kacau dgn aku mlm tuh cuma aku lupa dah...yg aku ingat cuma scud n tugi coz 2 org tuh mmg LAWAK........

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


masa nak post quote dapat satu idea... ingat tak lagi quote atau perkataan yang dicipta-reka best2 masa kat tepen? kalau ada bleh la email kat [web mod]....

quote of the day

"Laughing at our mistakes can lengthen our own life. Laughing at someone's else's can shorten it." Cullen Hightower SOURCE: http://www.quotationspage.com/qotd.html

mini reunion

kepada sesapa yang pree, dijemput ke subang jaya utk small reunion... hari : ISNIN sempena meraikan pengantin baru, romy hashim yg mai ke kl utk bisness tarikh : 30 july 2007 kol : 8:30 malam.. tempat : restoren pelita SS 15, SUBANG JAYA kepada laki2 yg mau join, digalakkan tinggal bini & anak kepada pompuan2 yang mau join, digalakkan bawak laki & anak mai ramai-ramai....

cool website

This is a very informative and a MUST read by all muslim. Harun Yahya Foundation have published numerous books on Islam & Science. What I can see from Harun Yahya website, they are concentrating on Darwin's theory of evolution, rebuffing the theory with facts and figures, also with quran verses and hadiths. The best part is, you do not have to buy the books, all books can be downloaded to your pc. if you like a hard copy then you can print yourself! There is also and option to read online if you like to read over the net... website url: http://www.harunyahya.com note: tq to ezdiani.. aku bleh post gambo website kat sini... :D

kitchen safety

Memandangkan ada antara kita yang dah anak-pinak, ni aku post pasal kitchen safety. Macam mana nak elak dari kemalangan kat dapur.. Ni tak kira lah dah anak brapa safety is priority. maybe bleh start sekarang, org tua2 ckp practice makes perfect moga manfaat SOURCE: http://www.babycentre.co.uk //mod In most of our houses, the kitchen is at the heart of family life. It is also one of the more challenging rooms to make safe for your children. There are many hidden dangers in the average kitchen, but you can keep your children safe with careful planning and well-thought-out changes. Here are some guidelines for creating a safe, practical environment in the kitchen: • Store glasses and precious china in a lockable cabinet or up high and out of reach. • Be aware of the dangers of household cleaning products. Try to select the least toxic, and store them in a safe place, locked away from your child's attention. • Keep knives and other sharp tools, such as electric mixer blades, in locked drawers. Of course, some babies are able to work out safety locks. If your baby does learn how to unhook a safety lock, you'll need to rethink how you store potentially hazardous items. You could lock up everything that is potentially dangerous, or relegate all dangerous items to out-of-reach storage areas. You could even keep your baby out of the kitchen with a safety gate, but if you decide to do this, make sure you can still see what she is getting up to while you are working in the kitchen area. • Place glasses, knives as well as hot food and drinks, away from the edges of counters and tables. Do without place mats and tablecloths because a child can pull them -- and their contents -- down on herself. {mod - ada kes kat klang, anak dia tarik tablecloths, kuah tomyam panas jatuh atas budak tu, kesian... 3rd degree burn, nauzubillah} • One idea is to set aside at least one cupboard that is safe (and away from the hob and oven) for your child to open and explore. You'll probably find that she no longer tries to discover the contents of the others, unless you leave the doors open. Store safe but interesting things there, such as light saucepans, wooden spoons, tinfoil plates, and empty yoghurt containers. Occasionally change the contents to give your child a surprise. • Use the back rings on the cooker when possible. When you are using the front ones, turn saucepan handles toward the back. Appliance safety catches will keep ovens and microwaves inaccessible. Try to keep your bin and dishwasher closed, with safety catches if possible, when not in use. • Install a fire extinguisher where the risk of fire danger is greatest, such as in the kitchen or near the fireplace. But only attempt to extinguish a fire if it is small and contained. If you do have a fire, it is essential to get your children out of the house and dial 999 from a neighbour's house. {mod - aku beli hari tu rm60 je, ni instant punya, tahan utk 5 thn pastu kena buang.. also pakai buang version... ada yg bleh refil, yg tu varies la ada yg every 3 yrs ada 5 yrs. cari yg bleh pakai utk apa jenis api} • Never leave children unattended when they are in high chairs. And always use the safety harness. If your chair doesn't have one, buy one and leave it clipped onto the chair so that you always use it. • When carrying a hot drink in one hand, don't attempt to carry your baby with the other. Don't hand drinks to people over your baby, and don't drink hot drinks while feeding your baby. Put hot drinks out of reach of babies and toddlers. Use a coiled flex on the kettle, and make sure it is placed at the back of the worktop. • A playpen can be a useful way of keeping your baby safe for short periods of time, perhaps while you do essential but potentially dangerous jobs. If your baby is not ready to keep her distance when you ask her to do so, then you could put her in a playpen in a corner of the room so she can be part of the action and safe at the same time.

Electronic Qur'an Reciter Online

Aku terjumpa website ni yg agak bagus, boleh dengar bacaan Qur'an, boleh baca terjemahan dan tafsir, etc. Berguna utk orang2 yg selalu outstation atau dok kat oversea dan selalu ngadap computer, senang boleh baca Qur'an di mana sahaja provided ada internet. http://www.reciter.org/ Moga2 bermanfaat...

[Jejak Kasih] Lembaga oh lembaga...

Gambar yg telah di-"baik-punya-cilok" dari anjung lama (intertina). Credits to Talib.

(Baris depan, duduk dari kiri) Aida Ismaliza – latest photo dia baru keluar beberapa hari lepas, but not sure apa dia buat dan di mana dia berada. Ainul Hazura – most probably still working somewhere in Europe. Izyanti – currently doing PhD at Dublin, Ireland. Ema Juliaty – I have no idea. Pn. Normah – no comment Tn. Hj. Ahmad Roslan Johari – I better not give any comment. Me – maleh nak komen, buang karen. Talib Sabri – dulu keje sbg designer ngan automotive company kat Rawang. Sekarang dah keje lain, business oriented rasanya. Khairuddin – no idea whatsoever, lost contact. Anuar – rasanya penerima scholarship McD ni dah jadi accountant ternama yg bernama Anuar Awang. Najmuddin – hampir semua model kereta nasional kita ni, dia la yang jadi tukang test power. Dah serata alam dia menjelajah utk test kete. Kalau nak belajar “drift” boleh berguru dgn dia.

(Baris tengah, berdiri dari kiri) Mastura – isteri Ustad. Mas keje doctor jugak ke Ustad? Aku lupa la, sorry. Siti Rohayu – never got any updates about her. Khadijah Irfah – lost contact gak. Siti Aishah – hmm, lost contact. Salbiah – isteri Ishak. Orang gomen ni, dok kat Putrajaya. Sama2 study A Level with me from 1996-1997. Salhanizatul – lost contact. Noor Syuhadah – pun lost contact gak. Farah Naaz – she’s a doctor, but I cannot trace where she’s working now. Maizatul Akmar – lost contact. Nurulkamarzah Kosai – never heard anything since keluar dari taiping. Afaf Azlin – isteri Kamal Misdar. I guess she’s a doctor too. Rihanna Haryanti – are you a lawyer now? Last time jumpa pun masa Fariny’s wedding. Aeriza – my ex-classmate 503. She’s a doctor. Aishah – tengah main masak-masak kat Glasgow sambil2 tunggu nak start buat PhD kat sana. Farahida – she’s a doctor, but I donno where. Nubailah – the first to get married among us, Jigon’s wife. Keje gomen gak ek? Im not sure.

(Baris belakang, berdiri dari kiri) Syahrul Azni – orang kuat IT for a multinational oil & gas company, working at Cyberjaya. Nurizam – lost contact. Salehuddin – yg ni la suami Mastura. He’s a doctor now. We studied together during darjah 5 & 6. Md. Taufiq – lost contact. Azzam – orang kuat Langkawi yg baru muncul kat blog ni semalam. Hairil Azli – lost contact. Khairul Razi – not sure where he is now. Azrir – an accountant, going to UK soon to start counting money in Pound/Euro instead of RM. Amyzaddin – orang kuat dan terkenal kat Putrajaya ni. Hazrin Suffian – he called me few days before I left to the States. he's a sales engineer. Izwan Hasli – powerful IT guy, org kuat kat company dia di KLCC. Rozaily – gambar dia pun baru keluar recently kat blog ni. Mohd Farid – orang Ganung kite ni aku dah lost contact dah.

Sesapa yg tau di mana orang2 yg aku lost contact ni, do not hesitate to write in comments ye. Jangan tulis kat chatbox sebab computer aku ni canggih sgt sampai takleh nak tulis (and sometimes takleh baca) kat chatbox tu, hampeh betui!


Yang benar,

Nik Fahusnaza

Community Bowlers

alternative untuk sapa2 yang tak tahan panas nak main golf very informative Note: this is 100 post for this month! >_< //mod By Ahmad Harris Khaidzir Kawan2, mamandangkan Aini duk promote CYCLING, RUNNING and SWIMMING. Aku nak promote sukan BOWLING. BOWLING, skrg nie makin lama makin mendapat tempat di jiwa org2 kota. Tapi takde ler boleh celen FUTSAL or BADMINTON or CYCLING. Biasa nya, kpd "softcore" bowler, kasut dan bola boleh didapati di mane2 lane di kuala lumpur nie. Biasanya, harga game adalah dlm lingkungan RM4 - RM 7, bergantung pada tempat2. Pada yg dah terlalu BERMINAT, terdapat proshop2 yang menjual peralatan bowling nie, yang biasanya berada di dalam area bowling centre itu sendiri. Aku disini nak promotekan web www.malaysianbowlers.com. Jgn gabra. ahli2 dalam community bowling ini terdiri dari BEGINNER sampai ler ker expert, ( dan juga beberapa ex national n national bowler). Tujuan community bowling nie, biasa ler, menjurus ke arah PORTAL utk mengeratkan persahabatan antara peminat2 bowling tanah air. You dont need to have specific PHYSIQUE to be able to enjoy the sport. " # 2 Family sport (based on participation) in the US. So, kalau anda berminat utk MEMBOWLING, tapi tak tahu, dlm nie ada tips2 serta ada juga sessi tunjuk ajar. Pada mereka2 yg sudah bermain bowling, tapi tak de member nak membowling bersama, sini lah tempat utk berkenal2an dgn kawan2 yang mempunyai minat yang sama. Mana tahu, peluang2 perniagaan mungkin terbuka. Ramai ahli terdiri daripada golongan professional dlm bidang mereka. IT Analyst, Banker, academician, Engineer, architect, Mgr Bowling alley, govt servant dan bss man. So bagi mereka yg ingin membowling, disamping mengembang NETWORK mereka, sini pun bolwh juga. Utk maklumat lanjut, sila layari http://www.malaysianbowlers.com atau http://groups.yahoo.com/MBowlers. Community ini juga giat menghantar team utk kejohanan tempatan sekitar Kuala Lumpur, seperti, BOWLING HOTFM, BOWLING KEADILAN, BOWLING utk tabung rumah anak2 yatim dan juga beberapa liga bowling area Bkt Jalil dan Ampang. Aktiviti community ini berpusat di Kuala Lumpur MEGALANES, Endah Parade, Sri Petaling. Majulah bowling utk sape2 yg minat.
website ni bukan official website mrsm taiping... mau carik official punya, http://www.mrsmkm.edu.my/taiping/. segala isi kandungan dalam blog ni tak mewakili mrsm taiping dan MARA. Untuk cari Ansara Cawangan Taiping, bleh p ke http://www.actorg.net. Kat ACTorg.net, webmaster dia Abg Damit.... website ni utk geng2 mrsm taiping batch 9495 lay-park, borak2, merapu, meroyan, melalak.

jemput tengok dan tengok lagi.. kalau tak puas jugak bleh la tinggal message ka, letak comment ka... mau Lagi??? email la sama wa kat taiping9495 at gmail dot com.

terima kasih kat sapa2 yg tolong website ni secara jualan langsung atau black market....

article yg ada dlm ni adalah hakcipta blog ni kecuali ada dinyatakan dicilok dari sumber2 tertentu... segala komen yg dibuat dalam blog ni takde langsung mewakili blog nih.. komen2 tu adalah hak dan rekacipta org yg tulis komen tu... ada paham? webmaster ada hak utk meng'edit', meng'keluar'kan mana2 post yg dirasakan tidak sesuai