Sunday, May 30, 2010

Account & Administrative Officer

My company in Kelana Jaya is looking for Account & Administrative Officer urgently. Please email your resume to

a) Assist with preparation of the budget
b) Implement financial policies and procedures
c) Reconcile the general ledger
d) Prepare and reconcile general bank statements
e) Establish and maintain supplier accounts
f) Ensure data is entered into the system
g) Ensure transactions are properly recorded and entered into the computerized accounting system
h) Assisting supervisor in preparing financial statements.
i) Assist with the annual audit
j) Maintain financial files and records
k) Process employees claims and leave
l) Reconcile account payable, receivable and deposits
m) Manage company monthly commitment such as utilities, rentals, etc.
n) Perform other related duties as required

a) Recognised diploma/advance diploma in accounting or equivalent
b) At least 2 years working experience in related field (fresh graduates are encouraged to apply)
c) Knowledge in Microsoft Office products. Knowledge of any accounting software is advantageous.
d) Proficient in English and Bahasa Melayu
e) Good communication, negotiation, written and interpersonal skills.
f) Aptitude for learning
g) Possess own transport is preferred.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lifeline for Gaza 4

aku add RSS feed bawah bites for mission lifeline for gaza 4 lead by IHH (NGO from Turkey). Malaysian NGO is lead by Noorazman, Head of Haluan Palestin. They are trying to get (originally) 9 ships to Palestinians consisting basic needs such as food, medical and construction materials and now down to 8 due to technical problem with their ship.

Please pray for them and make solat hajat for their health and wellbeing.

Golf Lesson

at Kota Permai Golf & Country Club... RM475 for 10 hour lesson for 4 pax.... I need 3 more, who's in?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Venue: Al-Rawsha, No. 78 Jalan Damai off Jalan Ampang
Date: 2 June 2010
Day: Wednesday
Time: 8:30pm (duduk sampai lebam)

Note: Appreciate if you could your name in comment as confirmed so we can book lamb mandy before we arrive to avoid dissapointment (mandy abes)...

Doctor Oh Doctor

Many among us are currently practicing as medical officers, or more commonly known as Doctors. Deejay found an interesting article and asked me to help post it up here.

Let's take a second perspective look at this career which some of us could only dream of.

"Why be a slave in your own country, when you are a king in another?"

"Doktor nak cepat, doktor turun sendirilah, gaji doktor lagi banyak dari saya"

"Semua orang pun sibuk jugak, macamlah doktor seorang yang sibuk!”

Read the full article here.

Gambar sekadar hiasan.
(dan juga buat peringatan kepada yg banyak FAT tu.. hehe)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Unlearn what you have “LEARN”

By: CKWong ( )
Our Malaysia education required us to learn as young as 4 years old till 20 years old. Yes on average every one of us has learn everything about life for about 14 years. Frankly what you have learned for the past 14 years? Are you really practicing it for good? For me, I learn more from street rather than in school. Street education taught me how to work smart and make profitable move rather than schools smart whose only awards me with highest mark if I done something right. I’m sure you will be surprise when your schoolmates who can’t even pass their SPM or PMR are earning better money than you who has higher education. One of my secondary schoolmates now is earning around RM20K per month running bird nest farming. She is married with 2 kids and for your information her highest education is only till form 6. So what happen to all of us who are highly educated? Some even spend few hundred thousand overseas? Are they really enjoying high paid jobs with satisfactory job environment? Maybe yes but I would say majority of the employees are dissatisfied with their current job. All the while we been ask to learn more hoping it will help in our daily activity especially wealth building. We have learn too MUCH!!
But, today I’m going to ask you to UNLEARN what you have learned if you are seriously wanted to improve your wealth tremendously from now on. You have to unlearn….
1. Having good jobs is good as it will lead you to ultimate wealth. Purely dependent on the job to build your wealth is not good enough. Some people like me always believe that your bosses will never consistently treating you nicely in terms of monthly salary, yearly increment and expected yearly bonus. You must remember there is NOTHING certain in this world so protecting your own rice bowl is much better than helping you boss. Of course I’m not asking you to use company resources to build your own wealth. Please refer “”.
2. Saving your money is a good investing. I never know anyone getting rich through savings. On normal circumstances working class people will save as much as 30% of their monthly income. With assumption you are earning RM5000 per month that means you are keeping RM1500 per month @ RM 18K per annum. If you continue doing this for the next 20 years, you saving will blow up to RM 360K. But what is the “REAL” value of your RM360K after 20 years? Virtually you won’t believe it if I tell you the “Real” value has drop to RM90K counting in 7% inflation rate. You better believe it. This show your hard earned money has been depreciated at least 75% over the next 20 years. Refer to “” & “”. So what you are waiting now? Start your investment wisely. Remember wait and see is the worst strategy.
3. Debt is bad. Good debts bringing more wealth into your portfolio while bad debts filter away your hard earn money. I remember there are people asking me, when are you going to pay-off your debt if you continue buying and borrowing? My answer is I will only stop when bank stop borrowing to me. For your information, good debts especially mortgages loan has tremendously increase my net worth for the past 8 years. I don’t keep bad debts. Bad debts here refer to credit card debts which charging more than 18% per annum. Please settled it soonest and if you have FD money, transfer and settled it. No point earning 3% in FD while bank charge you 18% on your credit cards debts. I always remember this quote “Penny wise, Pound foolish”. Read more on “”.
4. Government, my employer, or someone else is responsible for my financial well-being I never trust them!! 90% of the people surrounding us have no choice but to accept the fact that “other” people going to take care of them when they are running out into financial problem. I have been working in banking for the past 8 years but I never believe that my boss going to take care of my lifetime financials. I always trust my own effort and ability to earn extra money outside my working time ie rental, capital appreciation and potential commission from my property deal. Earn Smart, Save Smart and Invest Smart. Refer to my previous articles “Employees Millionaires” where I share my life experience how you can remain employees while multimillionaires after working hours. Life is all about yourself, so please does something meaningful before you retire.
5. It takes money to make money It’s a common myth that hunted a lot of people to stop investing in properties. Does it really take money to make money in the properties? I doubt it. I strongly believe it takes “idea” to make money. How? Wake up everyday before 7am, subscribe our local newspaper ie Daily Express or The Star and eyeing on properties that sell “below market value”.
This will give you the opportunity to get higher loan to cover the selling prices. Example: Real Life story: Shoplot Ground Floor @ Sinsuran Selling price : RM 620K Sales & Purchase Agreement : RM 690K Loan amount approved : RM 621K @ 90%
Above is one of the best deals that I help my client to close back in 2007. I earn RM6K from this deal but he is earning RM 250K (current market value RM 850K) @ 500% with assumption he use RM50k to paid all his legal fees and stamp duty. Not to forget, the return is excluded his rental income which he collect amounted to RM 162K @ RM4500 per month for 3 years. This is one of the most regretted deals that I missed out. So sometimes I also make mistake. But the point I would like to emphasize here is that it does not take money to make money. Sometimes “idea” does make you richer.
Unlearn all the above will definitely making you wiser and increasing your guts to explore more in building more solid wealth.
Happy Investing

jom prektis cangkul

venue: subang racquet & golf club
time: 9:30pm
date: 27 May 2010
day: thursday

semua dijemput hadir. bayaran utk bola adalah sendirian berhad. golf set boleh pinjam kawan-kawan

p/s: ni post 2,000 blog... tq to all for support...

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Proof NIkFa menten encem

dan [sini]... encem KP kita, Nik-San

Muhammad Yazid Rosly

Ada sahabat kita yang email aku tanya pasal Yazid kat Facebook. Kalau aku bukak page dia, common friends aku ngan dia = seratus dua puluh sembilan (129) dan mostly geng kita.

Dia sebenarnya bukan batch kita tapi junior 10 tahun MRSM Taiping. Dia Class of 2005.

Geng kita, Ahmad Yazid Ahmad Yakin (503) meninggal pada tahun 1999 selepas kemalangan jalan raya ketika dalam perjalanan ke UNITEN.

Bagi aku, takde masalah kalau korang nak add, cuma just bear in mind yang Yazid ni bukan Yazid MRSM Taiping Class of 95.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The true story of Sime Darby

By Dr Chan Chin Cheung
POOR Datuk Seri Ahmad Zubir Murshid, I sympathise with his present predicament. He was not the first executive of Sime Darby Bhd to be mired in circumstances which went beyond his control - the force of historical circumstances which dated back to November 1976.
All these began on January 2 1972 when I proposed to a high government official that Malaysia would be well-placed to have a conglomerate of its own at the inception of the New Economic Policy (NEP) conceptualised by the team led by the Father of Development, Tun Abdul Razak, a statesman.
At that point, I had not the faintest idea what it was all about. All I knew was that my Malay contemporaries were very keen to do business. They grew up with me in the environs of higher education in the UK in the 1950s. We were all fired up with the things we could do in a socio-economic way. Eventually, we all returned and I by force of circumstances became a planter. Then, I could see my Malay friends were quite poor compared with myself. Also, I realised the British dominated the banking, the plantation and tin mining sectors because the biggest rubber estate owned by a Chinese then, was only 7,000 acres and the non-Malays from the urban areas did all the menial business and the hard and unrewarding work at the leading edge of the nascent 'independent' Malaysian economy.
The change came with the NEP, which promised to give all Malaysians a new beginning. I thought without a huge business entity controlled by the Malays with the co-operation of the non-Malays, we, the Malaysians, would be mired in unhealthy competition socio-economically among ourselves, which would lead to self-destruction because 70 per cent of the Malaysian economy at that point was still controlled by the British, not the Chinese. We would be getting at each other's throats for third class assets. Without Sime Darby which eventually became the flagship of Permodalan Nasional Bhd, non-Malay billionaires, some of them foreigners, would not be created during the NEP period. Hence, I proposed that a Malaysian owned and managed conglomerate should be established or acquired.
By chance in October 1973, Sime Darby was involved in its first scandal concerning its chief executive and Pernas Securities moved in with the tacit support of the Minister of Finance and the Prime Minister who both had this great foresight to do what was best for Malaysia on free market terms. This was their finest hour to agree to take-over a British conglomerate at fair market prices. Arising from this proposal, Tan Sri Taib Andak, the chairman of Maybank and myself were appointed as non-executive directors of London-based Sime Darby plc in October 1974.
But, at that time, there was not much money available for the Bumiputeras. Without informing anyone, I managed to garner the support of important investors residing in a neighbouring country who entered the fray and helped us to win against all odds by November 1976. During this period the British were at their weakest being beset with political turmoil, by the weak pound and a disinterested City in ex-colonial assets. Malaysian control was achieved with a few million ringgits, about RM23 million.
Unfortunately, at the crucial moment, Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak passed away. Then, my view was who pays the piper calls the tune. In other words, Malaysians should be put immediately in place to steer this great ship with a purpose what some national sovereign funds only set out to do in the 21st century. But from this point onwards, no one asked me for my views and this was the theme of the executive management to the day I was asked to resign 18 years later by the executives who benefited from my concept. It was all fine and dandy if there were no financial mishaps. The executive management reigned supreme over the Board to this day. This anomaly must now be rectified in the interests of the shareholders. This is not ethical and more.
The management was not Malaysianised until 1982. By 1982, the best assets of Sime were sold in haste e.g:
1. The beverages firm Shaw Wallace of India, an Indian monopoly, with the valuable Assam frontier tea-estates. It is believed the son of the purchaser became a billionaire of India and owns the Kingfisher Airline.
2. The two Orchard Towers, Singapore which are still standing even though the management urgently advised with photos that these would collapse any moment and had to be sold back to the contractor for S$23 million quickly.
3. The Amoy Canning land in Hong Kong, which Sime tried to auction off but failed due to the fact that only the Hong Kong government auction-off lands to balance its books. Eventually, a joint venture was formed with a member of the property syndicate operating there. This property became the MRT terminus !
Read more here

‘Ambition, honesty, perseverance main keys to success’ - ‘self-made’ Jamil Wafa

KUWAIT CITY, May, 17: You’d think that being director and chairman of more than ten companies in Bahrain means that the person is born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but you’d be wrong. Prominent Bahraini businessman, Jamil Amin Wafa, is ‘all that’ but he has worked hard for many years to achieve his successes.
Ambition, honesty and perseverance through the many challenges of the business life are the main keys to success, says Wafa, but you have to be determined and know what you are doing, as long as you don’t cut corners right, left and center. “There is no magic formula for success. If you are on the right track, you can never go wrong... Don’t let any upheavals deter you either,” he said. Jamil Wafa, Chairman and Chief Executive of the Bahraini United International Agencies (Unitag) Group of Companies, was the guest speaker of the British Business Forum — Aviation, Travel and Hospitality meeting Sunday evening. The meeting was held at the Movenpick Hotel — Al-Bida’a and was organized by the United Airlines. Wafa spoke about the aviation industry in the region, his life experiences and business ventures that began with working with the BOAC (British Airways) in Kuwait. He inspired the many members and guest of the aviation, travel and hospitality industries with his many stories of successes as well as failures which were overcome with determination and focus.
Born to Palestinian parents, Jamil Wafa was among the 1.2 million Palestinians who were forced to leave their home country when he was 17. After arriving to Kuwait via Beirut to be with his brother who worked at the Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), Wafa was fortunate to meet with a Palestinian lawyer called John Asfoor who set him up with best career move of his life. “I arrived to Kuwait on Nov 26, 1949. I was 18 years old and I lived in a place that belonged to BOAC (British Airways) called SQ6 with other crew members and senior officials near Al-Sabah Hospital. John Asfoor gave me my first job and I started as a telephone operator at Al-Ghanim Group then as a typist/ junior clerk at Yousef Al-Ghanim Travel Agency,” Wafa recalled. The agency was the only travel agency in Kuwait except for Abdullah Al-Mulla Al-Salah who represented Middle East Airlines. Wafa, along with other two employees at the travel agency did plenty of miscellaneous work and after he was promoted in 1956 he created the well-known Eagle emblem for Al-Ghanim Travel Agency.
In 1960, the office expanded and Wafa established the first Arab travel agency in England, on fourth Baker Street in London. “My life in Kuwait was very hard. I was stateless for a long time but I worked for Yousef Al-Ghanim and BOAC for 28 years and no other employer. Due to this discipline and attitude I was promoted to be the first Arab district sales manager to handle the BOAC office in Lebanon,” he explained.
Wafa was granted the Kuwaiti citizenship by Abdullah Mubarak Al-Sabah for his work; “In 24 hours I was given the nationality. I kissed the ground because I was reborn out of the blue. Thanks to Kuwait, this has made my life. Where I am now started in Kuwait,” boasted Wafa. After many years of hard work and dedication, Wafa was the only Arab national who was selected to undergo an extensive one-year training program in management development in England. When training was completed, BOAC promoted Wafa to the position of marketing development manager of the Gulf area based in the Bahrain.
In 1974, Wafa was appointed as the system sales manager for Gulf Air, which was established then as the National Flag Carrier of Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and Abu Dhabi. From then on, the rest is history as they say. “I had to give up my Kuwaiti nationality for the Bahraini one then. I came to see Sheikh Saad Al-Sabah due to that and he was very upset with me. That discussion was difficult for him and for me, but it was my future and my luck. I had to make a decision and subsequently it was the right one,” he said. Wafa established the Unitag Group of Companies which caters for the travel industry then, in 1982, turned his attention to the insurance industry with the National Insurance Company. Through Unitag, Wafa established many organizations useful to the service industry and Bahrain in general. Throughout his career, he was recognized with many awards including the National Order of Merit from France in 1977.
With over 60 years of experience in the aviation industry, Wafa recognizes that aviation in the region is headed in the wrong direction. According to Wafa, the airlines of the region are not making money because aviation in the Gulf is fragmented. “The whole of the aviation industry is going through recession right now. United Airlines filed for Chapter 11 three years ago and now they are the largest U.S. carrier. But is it making money? It is not. No airline is making money with the fuel prices going up, landing fees, handling fees, catering, salaries, all components are now difficult. You also have to cater for your staff’s well-being as cost of living is going up,” he said. Wafa added that although aviation was united with Gulf Air which was the National Flag Carrier of Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and Abu Dhabi, each country wanted to create its own airline and now traffic is being diluted between lots of airlines, more than necessary. “The Gulf should not have more than a couple of airlines really,” he said.
Wafa added that the only one who is making money is Emirates Airlines because they offer the whole package to customers. He advised that the more united aviation in the region is, the more it can get into the market. “Gulf Air is a 60 year old airline and now we are loosing 1.5 million dollars a day. Travelers as well have been reduced by 30 percent due to their financial dilemmas,” he added. Jamil Wafa credits his success to a number of factors. He explained that he was lucky to have started his business at the right time, at the right place, and with the right people. “The Gulf was just coming up; the barrel of oil was 1 dollar at the time. Now it is 78 dollars. People had different values and principles back then that were more honorable. They have changed now,” he said.
Wafa added that a principled person has to recognize who was instrumental in their success. “A man called John Asfoor was instrumental in my success. Kuwait opened the door for me by giving me nationality and Lebanon taught me a lot about everything. I am grateful to the countries I’ve lived in and hopefully I’ve picked the best from all of them,” he said. “I credit my discipline and attitude to BOAC. I am now 78 years old and I still work every day in Bahrain. I employ 950 people, it is a big company but I am a man who has his hands on, always communicating with my staff. Whatever I am now, I did not inherit. I was self-made. I am a man of ethics, integrity and I handle my own affairs. The only time I will stop is when I drop dead,” he concluded.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Viva Palestina The Fourth

Ini ialah suatu mesej untuk semua muslimin dan muslimat.
Saudara-saudari sekalian,

Jika kita mahu berdoa kepada rakyat Palestin, maka berwuduklah, hadapkanlah wajahmu kepada al-Kaabah, dan berdoalah dengan penuh keikhlasan seraya mengaitkan kejayaan itu dengan Yang Maha Kuasa.

Berdoalah dengan meminta kepada-Nya umur dan kesihatan yang panjang agar kami dapat memuji-Nya lagi dan lagi. Kemudian berdoalah agar Islam terus teguh di Baitulmaqdis, semoga seluruh umat Islam boleh berkunjung dengan aman, bersembahyang dan terus-terusan memuji-Nya di dalam masjid yang telah dimuliakan itu, di atas tanah yang telah diberkati itu, di atas agama yang telah Dia redhai itu. Berilah kami akan apa yang tidak mungkin dapat diberikan oleh sesiapapun makhluk-Mu.

Sesungguhnya doa yang baik adalah doa yang tidak mementingkan diri akan tetapi doa yang memuji-muji Yang Maha Pencipta, yang bersyukur dengan apa yang ada dan bersabar dengan ujian yang hadir. Justeru amalmu kini bermula dengan niat yang benar dan lurus.

Tebalkan imanmu kemudian dengan menyimpan nombor ini di dalam telefonmu.
Tabung Palestin - 5644 9020 8528

Maka apabila ingat, sedekahkanlah barang seringgit dua buat usaha untuk meneguhkan ad-deen ini di bumi Palestin dengan memberi umatnya makanan, ubat-ubatan, pakaian hatta permainan untuk anak-anak mereka. Moga-moga nanti sedekahmu akan menjadi sebuah istana yang agam di syurga.

Lihatlah, mereka sudah membeli sebuah kapal!
The Crew's Blog - Regular Report
Related Photos

Inilah konvoi keempat Viva Palestina. Marilah kita jua menyumbangkan sesuatu sebagai asbab agar Allah meneguhkan umat Islam di sana dari cobaan dunia akhir zaman yang menggila-gila. Ameen Ya Rabbul A'lameen. Perkenankanlah doa kami wahai Tuhan Sekalian Alam.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

SPKG... the list

Ni listing utk yang confirmed pergi ke SPKG so far.. harapnya ramai lagi yang boleh join

1. Ihsan
2. Sko
3. Nazir
4. Hasnor
5. Jef Sakedan

THE Maybeeees
1. Linda
2. Beron
3. Mat Red
4. Izwan Hasli
5. Azraf
6. DJ
7. Amet
8. Waziq
9. Leena
11. Adzimi
12. Nik Fa
13. Aini

Please put your name kat comment if you would like to join us...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Final Yahoo Fantasy League

Like EPL, the hope of chikungunya FC to catch KBM was in vein. KBM managed to score 57 but Chikungunya FC scored only 50 points.

Naz United improved on last year performance, so to MyTeamKit United and sik pandey kelakar sarawak.

Congrats to Farid 502 on his inaugural win of Yahoo EPL Fantasy League 2009/2010. Prize: Bragging right until next season.

Rank Team Points
1 [KBM]+Cakcibor11 2,756.50
2 Chikungunya FC 2,681.50
3 Man U Setan Jahat 2,614.00
4 naz united 2,582.00
5 KB Geroda 2,516.50
6 bOyOt 2,444.50
7 sik pandey kelakar sarawak 2,326.00
8 MyTeamKit United 2,315.50
9 Jaga2CikSalmah 2,286.00
10 Man U No More FC 2,160.50
11 Bukit Rimau FC 2,126.50
12 Raub FC 2,085.00
13 Penang Mari 1,976.00
14 intertina 1,866.50
15 Player 1,608.00

Job Vacancy


My friend is looking for someone who would like to work in Corporate Finance. Experienced at least 5 years in related field. Employer is GLC company in KL.

Pay & benefits: Attractive

For more information and application, please send your resume to me ihsan dot hasbullah at gmail dot com.

Thank you

Saturday, May 08, 2010

World Cup Pundit Experts Competition

I am pretty sure there will be one of us registring for one free fantasy world cup competition soon. However it require registration and some do not bother to register themselves plus it consumed quite bit of time to think of the formation, players, countries, budgets, etc.

OK, let's have our own competition then. It's easy. Just predit what is the half time score and final result for each game and earn points base on actual results. Simple eh?

Three (3) points for correct scoreline, One (1) point for predicting winning team, and zilch (0) for wrong prediction. The closing time for the prediction will be before kick off. No points will be awarded for prediction made after the kick off. For one game, contestant is able to earn as high as 6 points. The pundit who has the most score after the Final will declared as the winner.

I will post weekly fixture on Tuesday (except first post) for next week games to give you time to put your prediction. First post will be 6th of June 2010, 5 days before the kick off. The games are from 11th to 18th June 2010.

Please put your prediction at comment box. If you choose as anynomous in your comment, I would appreciate if you could put your name/nickname at the end of your comment box. Abusive, explicit nickname will be removed.

Let's sweat it out!!

ACT Golf Website

Looking for partner in crime for golf? Looking for networking? Good news! ANSARA Cawangan Taiping (ACT) has form unofficial golf club for Alumni of MRSM Tepen

"Welcome to the official website of ACT Golf.

ACT Golf is an unofficial club formed by golfers among ANSARA Tepen members for the purpose of socialising while enjoying rounds of golf games.

Created about 5 years ago, ACT Golf has progressed well over the years with steady increase in number of memberships coming from MRSM Taiping alumnis and also spouse of alumni members from across various batches. Notwitstanding its young age, ACT Golf has achieved several accolades with the latest being ANSARA Tepen became the Champion of inaugural Piala Presiden-Presiden ANSARA 2009 held on November 22, 2009. It was a proud moment when our Team Captain and members went onstage during the ANSARA Dinner 2009 to lift up the trophy. Syabas !.....

Visit for more info

Friday, May 07, 2010

Part time job openings: Surveyors needed urgently!

Hi all,

Appreciate if you could spread the word to any close friends or relatives who is looking for some part time income.

I am looking for several surveyors. Their job is to conduct surveys. I will prepare the equipments and teach them how to do it. All they have to do is perform surveys i.e. run through a set of questionnaires. This can be done anytime, anywhere. And they can do it among their family, close friends, colleagues at work i.e. not necessarily to strangers.

To keep a long story short, the reason why i advertise this here is because i'd like this person to be a trustable person, someone i know if a friend of mine trusts, means i can probably trust.

Remuneration ranges from RM100 to RM500 per month, depending on how much effort this person puts in. It could just be a weekend worth of work and they can easily walk away with RM100 to 200. And if i grow to trust this person, i'll give him/her more surveys, and will be a long term thing.

I am looking for several surveyors in multiple locations, but at the moment only in KL/Selangor territory. I will need to meet them first at least once, as i'd always like to know who is it that i'm working with.

If they are serious about looking for part time work, please contact Adzimi at 012-2672250. Please quote where/who is it that they know this advert from. Thanks for your help.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Daddy Bakar

I just got as SMS from our ex president BWP, Bakar Agil last night around 9.05pm:

"All praises due to the Almighty. Azlen delivered a baby boy at 8:14pm"

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Volunteers Needed

Ok, it's time of the year when ACT will organise SPKG (for those who are living in a cave for the past 5 year, SPKG stands for Sireh Pulang Ke Ganggang where we go back to our school and teach one or two things about life, career and networking ) as well as ANSARA Pusat Annual Dinner 2010.

We are going to have meeting on these at Ulik Mayang, Taman Melati at 9:30pm 7 May 2010 (Friday, so we can meeting like no other business)

Any queries, pls give Ihsan a call, 019-695 1 688. Thanks

Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Monday, May 03, 2010

Pizza Hut - Varieties or Too Ambitious?

My wife asked me whether we could have our dinner at restaurant, and I agreed because it was Saturday night.

After much consideration on my kids eating habits + we are going to visit the kids great grand mother, we ended at Pizza Hut Seksyen 14, PJ.

Maybe it is on Saturday night when telephone order exceeds dine in customer.

I was surprised with the menu, it's not just pasta, but there were rice with hot wings, more desserts, more cold and hot drinks as well. I ordered one beef peperoni for my son, my wife and myself and rice and hot wings for my daughter. My wife, being pizza hut fan (over domino pizza) likes deep pan crust, but I ordered the latest lava crust and it turn out very dissapointing.

Maybe it is on Saturday night when telephone order exceeds dine in customer.

The rice and hot wings also was dissapointing. The chicken was rawed. You can see the blood color around the bones. The staff was nice and she asked her staff to replace the hot wings.

All in all I've spend 60 bucks on the day and my verdict: keep your order to what Pizza Hut do best... Pizza.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Team of the Season

Since there are only 2 games left in EPL, why do not we vote the best player in EPL. Formation is 4-4-2.

Keeper: Joe Hart - Birmingham. He has been solid and the draws against top 4 at home was partly due to his performance.

Left back: Ashley Cole - Chelsea. Attacking is the best defending. He got involved in Chelsea attack more after few seasons with them. Having Malouda in midfield also help him in going forward.
Right back: Glen Johnson - Liverpool. He has matured since his move from Portsmouth. Very reliable in going forward and improved a lot on defensive duties.
Central defender: Thomas Vermaelen - Arsenal. Ever so reliable at the heart of defence for Arsenal and can score goals that any strikers would be proud of.
Central defender: Richard Dunne - Aston Villa. Despite capulation by Chelsea, Dunne has been instrumental in guarding Vila back four. Something could not been said about Lescott at City.

Left winger: Malouda - Chelsea. He continued his fine form at the end of last season, although he just had the miss of English League against Stoke last Sunday.
Right winger: Damien Duff - Fulham. Although he is yet to produce his perfomance in Chelsea shirt, he has been the pinnacle of Fulham attacks. Bobby Zamora 'out of blue' best season ever partly good support from midfield especially from the Irishman.
Central Midfielder: Frank Lampard - Chelsea. Being able to score 20 goals for 5 seasons from midfield is a remarkable feat.
Central Midfielder: Cesc Fabregas - Arsenal. the fluidity of Arsenal game depending on this fella. First on the team sheet if fit.

Striker: Wayne Rooney - Man Utd. He is in form of his life. Scoring for fun
Striker: Didier Drogba - Chelsea. He is unplayable if he puts his mind on scoring, not throwing himself on the deck.

Manager: Roy Hodgson - Fulham. It will be a remarkable feat for Ancelloti if he win EPL in his first attempt, but I have to give to Hodgson based on his success in Europa League. Regardless Fulham win or lose the final, he has done tremendously with limited budget. However, the task of maintaining player's hunger and desire for next season will be his biggest after fruitful season this year.
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