Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Farewell Party for our Two Chan Teacher

From Secretary General of ACT, Jenab Chen, he told me the two Chan in MRSM Tepen is going to retire next year. Those two are our teacher, Chan Mei Yoke and Chan Kum Leen. Both of them have been in MRSM Tepen since day 1 (back in 1982) until now. Amazing feat if you ask me.

ACT would like to hear your idea on celebrating not only these two fantastic teachers, but every teacher who put their effort, tears, sweat and blood for us. There are not many of them left since our last day at school. As far I can remember, these are the remaining teachers:
1. En. Yusof Taha (now Penolong Kanan)
2. Puan Salmiah Isni
3. Puan Rohani
4. Puan Ruhimi
5. Puan Hajeerah

I met few of new teachers during my last visit, and they are even younger than us!

The current idea is to get all of them in one ceremony either in Taiping or Perak. We should consider KL as well. Let get our brains out and try to realise it next year...

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