Sunday, May 31, 2009

REVIEW OF 2008/2009

Overview Manchester United
Good: No matter how bad they do in early stage of the season, never discount them from winning the title. They are using their worldwide brand to attract good players to their club. Macheda is their new star along with Gibson and two Rafael brothers. Fergie does not afraid to field Man Utd kids if necessary and they rose to the challenge. Winning EPL & Carling Cup
Bad: Fielding kids against Everton for Semi Final FA Cup does not bode well with the FA and the biggest of all, Fergie got it wrong in Rome
Next step: Sort out Tevez and Ronaldo. A friend of mine (MU supporter) resigned to the fact that both are leaving OT. If that the case, MU need to find replacement fast. Next season we may able to see more MU kids playing the first eleven. uh, there is a small matter of Berbatov finding his feet on the front line.
Prediction 09/10 Season: Second

Good: Learn to win ugly. At last players are getting well with each other after few seasons.
Bad: Gaff Rafa bite Fergie psycho game. Too depending on Gerard as Chelsea won big at Anfield after 30 years.
Next step: Buy few big players with loads money. Tevez could fill the forward role between Gerard and Torres. Maybe a winger to replace Babel, who rumoured to be on the way out.
Prediction 09/10 Season: Third

Good: Get back to feet after Guus was assigned as interim manager. Winning FA Cup Bad: Signing Scolari. I think he is a good manager but lack of experience in club level may caused for his downfall. Last but not least, players reaction during Barca game. I know Chelsea was REAL hard done by but they should control their behavior.
Next step: Coach. someone who can speaks English. Unable to speak English could one of the reason Scolari could not get his idea across players. Back four looks good, Malouda looked what Chelsea paid for & maybe a creative midfield to replace aging Deco and Ballack. There is a growing matter of Drogba, is he staying or going?
Prediction 09/10 Season: First

Good: Young players given chances by Wenger to play the big league
Bad: Young = lightweight. Need recruitment soon. Requirement: Experienced.
Next step: Wenger staying or going? They always claim they have money to buy big players and yet they are not. Need new keeper or back up keeper & someone alongside Fabregas. and a forward to shut Adebayor mouth.
Prediction 09/10 Season: A distance fourth


Izzy said...

Ni sapa yg buat review ni? Ko ke ihsan? sgtle bias...best2 je predict chelsea first! Kalau hiddink ada, bolehle ;-)

Azraf said...

aku rasa next year will be liverpool's.. wpun aku harap man utd leh challenge diorang :D.

[web-mod] said...

sapa lagi.. takkan aku nak letak chelsea no 4 kot... hehehhee. aku rasa arsenal kalau tak recruit akan stay no 4 je.

ni aku nye opinion. acu cuba try test korang nya review plak.... apa kata dr faizie >_<

Andak Ali said...

Sapa2 pun menang doesn't matter asal Malaysia's Real Madrid a.k.a Kelantan menang Liga Super tahun depan... hahahaha

faizie said...

This is my PERSONAL review. And I am not Shebby ‘Byk Mulut’ Singh, just a pure MU fan since 1991(even though I never been to Manchester..hehehe)

They will win the EPL next session, period.
Why? They are too good, too wealthy (as always being said by Rafa).

Arsenal is a boyish squad (my friend called, ‘Team Boboy). Wenger has to buy top quality, MATURE players to seriously to be considered as a title contender. They have great stadium, and with a great stadium, comes great responsibility, that is to bring back the EPL trophy to The Emirates.

Liverpool, in my humble opinion, will not win under Benitez who always NATO(no action talk only). See how many times he condemned Fergie, blaming the lack of financial resources as the main reason for not winning the EPL? Yes, the amount of money is less than what Fergie received, but with that amount, it is still a privilege for Rafa. He did sign Torres, brought Keane (yet he sold him back). So, is LFC takdak duit langsung? I don’t know either he talked too much because he wanted to play mind game (psychology) against the Otai Fergie, or he used that as to mask the fact that he is a failure (and for LFC fan, please, please stop using the excuses how many times they have won the UEFA CL thropy under Benitez). The fact is, LFC is just like Malaysia, Mengenang Kenangan Lampau, winning 18 times league titles(and MU has done it, too)..Name the team in top 4 that never taste the EPL? Hahaha…

Chelsea. Nice to see the way they played, under Jose. After the stupid Jew took over, Chelsea has become Chelskis. Sorry Ihsan. Hehehe..Then Scolari came. Tak menjadi jugak. They need the magical touch of Hiddink. And they won the FA Cup (which I think the cup should actually go to the OT this season, but otherwise change it routes to London, thanks to the mysterious way of thinking of Fergie to field such a squad to face Everton in the semis). Will The Blues be The No 1 next season under Ancelotti?
To answer that, read through the next paragraph.

As I said, MU will win again the EPL.
Unless, they sell CR7, then that’s a different case. Having said that, am I trying to imply that MU is too dependent on CR7? Is CR7 too indispensable as Gerrard for the LFC? Personally, to a certain extend, yes! But who cares?

Tevez saga. Blab la bla..yeah, the fan loves him coz he’s a trier..he’s hardworking (as opposed to Ber-bazir-tov). I have more faith on Fergie’s decision, either to sign him or not, rather than MU ‘listening’ and ‘obey’ to the fan. Personally, with a 25-30 million pounds tag price, MU can sign a better player, a more handsome player than Tevez..hehehe…And to make thing more complicated, Tevez is owned by somebody, not a club.

Players I like to see wearing the Red Devils jersey next season?

1. Ribery
2. After the ‘Rome tragedy’, I have to say this: I want Iniesta !

What about Kaka? Just forget Kaka. He’s not suit into the jersey.

Players I like to see leaving the Old Trafford next season?

1. Nani : a skill-full winger, yet underutilized under Fergie’s regime.
2. Berbatov : yeahh..yeah..I know..he had shown a lot of ‘interest’ few months back, running here and there, supplying a crucial passes…but I just don’t like him. Sell Berbatov, with the money MU can buy 2 strikers or a striker plus an attacking midfielder.

i said...

I thought Shebby is fond of Spuds? No?

naznaz said...

huhuh weekend nites tidak ceria tanpa EPL. anyway walaupun i support chelski tapi next season i predict man city will pose a stronger threat to the big 4.

Anyway di mata aku:-

overrated this season:- deco, pavlyuchenko, fabregas, tevez.

tak faham kenapa main lagi:- anelka, owen.

best defender:- bosingwa, baines, man U defenders.

best striker:- jo sebelum merajuk, drogba.

best mid:- lampard, cronaldo, gerrard.

best keeper:- chech

best manager:- sir alex, of course.

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