Wednesday, April 21, 2010

No Helium Balloon Flies Forever

Different view on Malaysian properties.. and a bit on politics at the end of the article... what do you think?

During Chinese New Year, just like any other festivities, you meet up with friends and relatives. Lots of them. You chat about money, you gamble, chat about money again and then more gambling. Politics usually take a back seat - doesn't seem like an appropriate topic. Too much fire in it I guess.

What do people do with their money nowadays? My small sampling says buying properties - commercial and residential. Everyone seems to be into it. And we are not talking about about 1 or 2 units anymore nowadays.

I like properties. Capital appreciation could be in significant amounts. Or had you done your homework, someone else will be paying your monthly instalments via rentals. All you need is some downpayment (which in some cases has been brought down to negligible amounts by the developers) and a decent payslip to qualify for never before seen super low interest rates.
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Adzimi Muzni said...

Thanks Ihsan for sharing. A very good article. There are a lot of ifs in life. If this, if that. Whether it really happens or not, nobody can predict the future. I do agree with the writer on the potential property bubble burst. And i believe it may happen someday. So that is why you need to equip yourself with good knowledge and know why you're investing, not just rushing into smthing because everybody said its right. Personally, i dont buy properties from developer anymore for a number of reasons. So u need to know your strategy and your why too :).

Smiling MY said...

Good article indeed...
But I wonder how we (average earners) could afford a quality living if the house price keep sky rocketting.

If I earn 3k and have wira, I easily pay 20% of my salary installment. If 10% go to EPF & Socso, 2.1k net in pocket what kind of house I could get (considering food, etc)?

Adzimi Muzni said...

Mat Yie, true, houses now are beyond affordability level for most average earners. Thats why high rise makin banyak and in abundance everywhere. And thats why people are moving away from the city if they want some land to play with. Cant imagine how it will be for our children nyer generation nanti.

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