Monday, April 27, 2009


A Swiss woman has lost her job after her employers spotted she was using the Facebook website when she had claimed to be too ill to use a computer.

The unnamed woman was suffering a migraine and had told her employer, Nationale Suisse, she needed to lie in a darkened room.

The company said its discovery that she was also using Facebook destroyed its trust in her and prompted her sacking.

But the woman told a Swiss newspaper she was innocent.

The woman, who is from Basle, said she had been accessing the internet on her iPhone while in bed.

She said she did not believe the company's assertion that a colleague had inadvertently noticed her using Facebook, accusing it instead of spying on her.

She said the company had created a fictitious Facebook persona which become "friends" with her, allowing the company to monitor her online activity.

Her suspicions were raised when the "friend" suddenly disappeared after she was fired, the woman told 20 Minuten daily.

But the company says it followed a simple logic: that those who are well enough to use Facebook with a migraine are well enough to work with a migraine.

It is not the first time Facebook has been involved in a workplace controversy. Some companies have banned it altogether, while others have fired employees over statements they make about work while online.


adzimi said...

I cant believe that a company would actually take the trouble to spy on their employee's facebook hahahaha, i think the boss had too much free time, or maybe they got one person in IT who's job is to spy by becoming friends with employees in facebook, and them to his chat list. Pas tu monthly buat report kat boss, these are the people who updated their facebook most, or chatted with me most hahahaha.

[i] said...

ahahahaha maybe just maybe.. tapi uncle aku pernah ckp big corp selalu buat call test. they pick a staff randomly and call their cubicle. If there is no answer after three ringing, then they have to answer why they do not answer the phone within three ringing tone.

Smiling MY said...

I absolutely can't work with that kind of company. I think it should be more on that's person output/performance prior to spot check and not all time spying/monitoring.

There are fine different between office executive & house maid...

adzimi said...

So lets try to modify the story a bit, since Mat Yie cakap there's a fine line between office exec ngan house maid. Katakan kau nyer maid keje bagus, rumah bersih, spotless, all done up by the time you get home, tapi kau nyer CCTV menunjukkan time dia free dia tengok tv lah, borak tepon lah (pakai tepon rumah), tidur lah, would you fire her? :D

[i] said...

in case of CCTV, there is also a fine line between monitoring & peeping tom >_<

[i] said...

The woman, who is from Basle, said she had been accessing the internet on her iPhone while in bed.Maybe she is the first staff using iPhone to get fired >_<

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