Thursday, July 23, 2009


Dear friends,

We will be opening the Brain Child Learning (BCL) centre at Kota Damansara, a children mental fitness centre next weekend. This is the place where you can find out more about your children, their inborn characteristics and how you could utilize their inborn strength to help them excel further.

For the sake of our children, take this opportunity on the 2nd August to find out more. Scroll down further for more description.


Dear parents,

Is your child suffering from any of these symptoms?

- Stressed out at school

- Not enthusiastic about learning

- Poor memory and concentration level

- Poor social skills and confidence

- Confused and not knowing where their inborn talent lies

Or, would you like your child to excel further by equipping them with the right life and learning skills that they are missing in school?

Let us work together with you to help them! We can help to:

  1. DISCOVER your child’s inborn traits and characteristics
  2. AWAKEN your child’s hibernating brain
  3. UNLEASH your child’s hidden potential

Give your child the opportunity to excel by understanding their natural inborn talent.

We will be having our GRAND OPENING and first open day. Please come by to learn more. Block your calendars now!:

Date: 2nd August 2009 (SUNDAY)

Time: Between 10am to 2pm

Address: 22-1 (1st Floor), Jalan PJU 5/21, The Strand, Pusat Perdagangan Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya

See attached for map, or visit our website for directional information.

Call or SMS now to 017-9752352 to register your attendance and be entitled for a FREE MyDNA fingerprint test. Additional free gift for the first 50 families to register their attendance on the day.

(MyDNA is one of the pioneers in fingerprint technology (the kind you see on the CSI series) to decode one’s inborn characteristics with more than 95% accuracy. Isn’t that amazing!?

Here is the map


[i] said...


Sorry cant make it to the big day next week but good luck!

adzimi said...

Ihsan thanks for putting this up. Pasal takleh dtg tu, takper, but maybe Yasmin and your kids can make it. I will be throwing out special discount only for this grand opening, so i'd really like as many people to take this promotion.

adzimi said...

Ihsan, tolong masukkan map dia sekali boleh? I think i attached to the email. Thanks.

adzimi said...

By the way, kedai Syahmy ngan kedai aku dekat sangat2, boleh jalan kaki. Lepas kedai aku, boleh gi lepak ramai2 kat kedai dia for lunch.

[i] said...

sorry, terlupa.... anyway dah betul dah..

aini also cant make it. dia di UK makang angin sambil2 makang kepok leko cicah sama tartar sauce

website ni bukan official website mrsm taiping... mau carik official punya, segala isi kandungan dalam blog ni tak mewakili mrsm taiping dan MARA. Untuk cari Ansara Cawangan Taiping, bleh p ke Kat, webmaster dia Abg Damit.... website ni utk geng2 mrsm taiping batch 9495 lay-park, borak2, merapu, meroyan, melalak.

jemput tengok dan tengok lagi.. kalau tak puas jugak bleh la tinggal message ka, letak comment ka... mau Lagi??? email la sama wa kat taiping9495 at gmail dot com.

terima kasih kat sapa2 yg tolong website ni secara jualan langsung atau black market....

article yg ada dlm ni adalah hakcipta blog ni kecuali ada dinyatakan dicilok dari sumber2 tertentu... segala komen yg dibuat dalam blog ni takde langsung mewakili blog nih.. komen2 tu adalah hak dan rekacipta org yg tulis komen tu... ada paham? webmaster ada hak utk meng'edit', meng'keluar'kan mana2 post yg dirasakan tidak sesuai